Any ASU Spring 2010 applicants out there? - page 2

I just submitted my application today to ASU. I am nervous I hope a 5.66 is going to get me in, it is going to suck sitting on pins and needles until Oct. to find out. :plsebeg:... Read More

  1. by   PineappleCrush
    Thanks, scperez11! I will hope for the both of us that you get in!!! :heartbeat

    I actually talked to the secretary there in the student services at CONHI today (she is SO nice!) and she said that we will definitely have the letters by next week at the latest, but that was all she could say for sure. I was thinking along the same lines that you were and hoping that they would come by the end of this week--maybe so? But at least we'll know within the next week +/- a couple days!! Ahh!!

    I am so anxious!!! Just a few more days! Eek!
  2. by   scperez11
    Thanks for the update Pineapple Crush..

    I've been waiting for the mail each day; I feel kinda

    I wish this week would go by faster !!
  3. by   PineappleCrush
    Don't feel desperate, I've been doing the same thing! Haha! Every time someone else checks the mail I bombard them with "ANYTHING FROM ASU?" the second they walk in the front door! It should be any day now.....!!!
  4. by   cna to crna2b
    We should find out this next week or so!!!!!!!!!!! :grn::grn:
  5. by   PineappleCrush

    So, supposedly the letters "will be going out on Wednesday" because allegedly the person in charge of doing the letters went on vacation/was on vacation and that is why we haven't gotten them yet... *facepalm*

    haha, all my emotions right now, and then some....!!

    I really, really, really hope they make it in by the end of the week. That's all I'm asking for!!
  6. by   scperez11
    Pineapple Crush,

    I heard the same thing... YES the letters should be mailed out tomorrow and hopefully we will receive them by Thurs/Fri? Just a few days left.....


  7. by   julie_sundevil09
    Crossing my fingers for you all. I'm an ASU senior 2, but I still remember the joys of that letter. Don't forget to post your good news
  8. by   areli88
    thanks for the update, i too am very anxious to find out

    good luck to everyone
  9. by   cna to crna2b
    Is it here yet? I could not find it in my mail box!! The suspense is driving me nuts.
  10. by   Mzteco
    They barerly sent the letters out this afternoon. I've been calling everyday to stay updated. We probably won't see the Saturday or next week because they have to be processed through the university mail and US mail according to Maurine at cohn. I'm ****** because it's almost November and they were supposed to be sent out over a week ago. I better get I'm with my 5.701 after all this run around they gave us.
  11. by   PineappleCrush
    Aw, really? They were sent out this afternoon? That is such a bummer, I am so anxious to find out! All week I've been jittery and get hyper-excited whenever I see the mail man... and then I become discouraged when yet again there was no letter. I've been planning my days around when the mail usually comes... hahaha.

    Thanks for the update, Mzteco! At least maybe they'll be in our mailboxes by Saturday?!? The suspense is really starting to get to me... ahhh!
  12. by   Mzteco
    Oh no problem. The way I see it were all in it together. I know how you're feeling because this is my third time applying.
  13. by   cna to crna2b
    Glad to see I am not the only one running out to the mailbox like a fool.