Another New CEP Rubric?

  1. Hi,
    Did anybody else notice this change to the Maricopa nursing website?
    "Starting in June the CEP website will be taken down for updates. Please check back in late June for CEP information, updated brochures, and a new CEP admission rubric which will go into effect with the fall CEP intake cycle which begins on December 1, 2018!"

    I will be taking my last 2 classes fall semester so does anybody know what those changes are? I don't want to be surprised if they add any more requirements.
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  3. by   Apple-Core
    I haven't heard anything. I'm guessing that changes may only be minor ones - for example a small increase in GPA, perhaps? I did hear that the colleges are moving more and more towards CEP only (and slowly doing away with the ADN), although that is hear-say and who knows if and when it will ever happen?