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Are there any older nurses?


I would like to know if there are any older nurses in this forum. Especially ones that may be able to give me some tips on redirecting my career. I don't want to leave nursing but I need a change.

I'm sure lots of us are "older". I have been RN for almost 33 years now.

lsyorke, RN

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Nurse for 21 years now, I guess that makes me "older"!! :chuckle

How old is "Old?" I am 50--don't feel a day over 21. 16, some days!!!

I have been an RN since '81--was a Navy corpsman before that.

Glad to hear from you. I am 51 and am going through some horrifying stuff right now.

I'm 51, been an LPN 30 years.

Tell us what you're going thru Malt123.


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Well, let's hear about your experiences at this age. Please vent here. Help the rest of us! Horrifying? Please share.

Moved to a new state and worked in LTC for over a year then got fired now I can't get another job because of this and the company is fighting the unemployment. I have been an RN for 10 years and before that an LPN for 14 years. They are taking everything out of context and trying to make me look like an idiot. Add to this the fact that I am 51 and have some physical limitations I just might end up on the streets. I have no friends here and my kids were depending on me to help them. I could go on with this but it is pointless as anyone could imagine. I could end up losing my license, because a DON is covering her butt.

I don't know what state you live in, but where I live you can get unemployment if you get fired.

It takes a few weeks, but they eventually give it to you.

Can you get a lawyer to help you? I realize money may be tight, but surely out there somewhere, there is some kind of program or something to help.

You will have a hearing with the unemployment folks. Tell your side of the story. If you lose, appeal it. I heard an unemployment rep say on the radio the other day that very few people appeal, and that they should, because if they do, almost 95% of the denials are reversed--on behalf of the appellant (the person who was fired.)

Good luck--keep us informed.

Are you absolutely sure you weren't fired because you have some physical limitations but just presented to you as something spurious?

I am sure that I wasn't really fired for not getting vital signs on a person that refused or whatever exuse they are using. But, proving otherwise is difficult, if not impossible. The limitations I have I've had since 1976. An accident is what led me to nursing, and " it ain't been easy" I am referring to the people who look for perfection in a persons body, unfortunately I will never have it. I never knew I limped untill someone told me. The only things I can't do is kneel which prevents me from crawling on a pts. bed for transfers or getting something underneath the bed.

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