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Applying for NCLEX


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Hi, all!

I had a quick question regarding the application for NCLEX. Of course, in view of the current pandemic, processing times have been severely delayed. However, my nursing school has been urging students to apply to take the NCLEX as we are set to graduate this month. I've reviewed the BRN website and instructions in how to apply; however, I have come across conflicting statements. I live in Southern California, and the BRN website instructs us to not apply earlier than 2 weeks from our graduation date. Other students have reported they submitted their application and theirs have been accepted/approved. My fear is that by submitting my application, I would be out $300 because it would be earlier than 2 weeks from my graduation date.

My question is, has anyone submitted their application earlier than 2 weeks before their graduation date?

I applied 3 weeks before graduation and it says pending.

bitter_betsy, BSN

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I did - but we were specially told to by our program. I believe the website does say something about 2 weeks. I don't live in CA though.