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  1. New to SICU Advice?

    Thank you so much for your advice! Hopefully I'm on the right track. Just today, one of my preceptors was saying that she was using me as an example to her other preceptee as I always ask "good thought-provoking questions that make her stop and think...
  2. New to SICU Advice?

    Hi all! I’ve got a question regarding adapting to a new to speciality role in the SICU. I’m coming from just over a year experience in med-surg/tele and to say the least, I feel that working in med-surg did not help me develop any critical think...
  3. Surgical Trauma ICU vs SICU

    Awesome, thank you for replying! I had it the other way around - in my facility, there is only the Surgical ICU, BUT it is a Level 1 Trauma center so I assumed it was an umbrella term for Surgical/Trauma ICU as well!
  4. Surgical Trauma ICU vs SICU

    Hi, all! Forgive me for my naivety, but I was just offered a position in the SICU at my dream hospital. I was just curious to know what the difference between a Surgical Trauma ICU vs SICU would be? I've tried researching this myself with minima...
  5. New Grad Interview for ICU

    Hi, yes I did! To be honest, it was quite different than what I was expecting - in a good way! They asked me more behavioral questions and a few questions about customer service, teamwork, etc. It kinda caught me off guard but I was super excited to ...
  6. New Grad Interview for ICU

    Hi everyone! I'm a very recent new grad (just passed NCLEX this past Tuesday!) and was just offered an interview for an ICU position at a smaller hospital on Wednesday. Is there anything specific I should know heading into the interview? Any spe...
  7. Taking NCLEX in 5 Days

    Thank you all so much! Your words mean so much!
  8. Taking NCLEX in 5 Days

    Hi friends, Just wanted to update you. I took the NCLEX this past Friday and I walked out of the test center absolutely feeling miserable, despite how hard and how much effort I put into studying while working 3 jobs. I've never felt so defeated when...
  9. Taking NCLEX in 5 Days

    Thank you so much! I can't even sleep right now because I take it tomorrow. Thank you for your input! I'm really anxious to see how the questions will be but hopefully you are right in that I'll be able to figure out them out.
  10. Passed in 60!

    CONGRATS on passing! In regard to the difficulty of the questions, would you say that they were vague or straight forward? I take mine on Friday and my biggest problem is overthinking.
  11. Taking NCLEX in 5 Days

    Thanks for the advice! I'm just brushing up on content right now and will be doing some practice Q's after I read! My biggest fear is not knowing how vague the NCLEX questions are going to be. I tend to overthink my answers a lot.
  12. NCLEX NY

    Hi! CONGRATS on passing! Would you say that the test was vague? Or pretty straight forward?
  13. Taking NCLEX in 5 Days

    Hi, everyone! I've been seriously studying for the NCLEX for about a little over a month now. I've been using UWorld and notes I took from Saunders, UWorld rationales, and ATI (I had to have the program for nursing school). My test date is this Frida...
  14. Passed my NCLEX in 62 questions - Encouragement!

    Hi! CONGRATS on passing! I had a question - would you say that the NCLEX was pretty straight forward? I've heard the questions were pretty vague and I'm scared of overthinking too much into the question (this is a big problem I have).
  15. NCLEX June 2020, 60 questions

    Hi! I am currently in the same boat as you were -- 5 days left to take (I'm aiming for the end of this week) and aiming to do 400-500 Q's a day. Did you write down any of the rationale? I'm scared I won't be able to retain all that info but it also t...