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applying california license to work in new york



i just want to ask if i could take the california/any other nclex then work in new york?

it was an idea then when i failed my first attempt to pass the NY nclex.so my sister advised me to take the other states' exam then apply for reciprocity.

please help

the nclex is a national test all states are the same .

but as i can recall, they said there are only few states that adopt the each others license.. you still have to apply for reciprocity or take their test separately. is that correct?

thanks for replying

you would have to check with the bon in each state but i believe, there really isn't reciprocity anymore you must endorse your license to another state. i just recently endorsed my license to fl. i believe you can endorse in as many states as you would like, but you have to keep your originating state license active as well as any other. there are some compact states, i am not very familiar with that, you can look that up on the internet. but again i believe the nclex is the same in every sate, and that it is a national exam.

wow! that is a very fruitful information. thank you so much. at least now i'm confident to retake the test so that i could comply with my requirements.

God bless you!

My prof told me that NY is one of the hardest states regarding the NCLEX. She said any nurse from another state that wants to work in NY, their license won't carry over and they'd have to retake the exam. I'm not sure if she was just tell us this to make us think that we're getting a better education then other states...I don't know. But if the NCLEX is the same in every state then she is wrong.


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CA and NY don't have reciprocity agreements with any other states. And, like the other posters said, NCLEX is a national exam. You can take it anywhere in the country and it is still the same exam. Not easier, not harder.

Endorsing to another state is all a matter of paperwork. Some states require more paperwork than others. What all states require is a license though, soo....

My best advice to you is to focus on passing the NCLEX. Once you have that license in hand you can endorse anywhere. I passed my boards in Maryland (where I went to school) and promptly endorsed to NY with no problems. Again, it was all about getting the paperwork in.

Good luck! It sounds like you're more nervous about having to take the NCLEX again than anything. I'm sure you will pass the next time.

thank you for the encouragement alem-tsahai.

It's true. I'm nervous...really!

Aside from the test itself, it's a bit costly.don't you think? hehehe... so I want to pass it the second time and never repeat that again for the rest of my life!

My agent told me I could take the california,then like you said they will make an endorsement to NY so I could use it there.

thanks again! God bless

NCLEX is a national exam. I don't think NY has better education than any other states do. All nurses have to pass the same exam. I endorsed mine to NY state. NY state requires us to take couple of online courses to endorse. Take a look at the State Board of nursing website of each state, each has different requirements. Or you can contact the state, they respond pretty quick too.

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I endorsed from California to NY state. I didn't have to retake the NCLEX, just send money to all involved and wait a few months. Oh yah, and take an online child abuse/infection control course. That was pretty much it.

Some nagging may also be required. :)