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Anyone working non healthcare job during finding employment as RN?

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For those of you who are not getting RN jobs right away are you taking jobs in a non healthcare field for the time being since they are hard to find and how are you able to balance work with interviews if you get any?

My daughter graduated in December passed nuclei last month so like,everyone else it's not easy. She was a CNA for,a,few years but this still is not helping. Anyway she can't work in that anymore, money is running out soon, and my husband is getting a little inpatient as he has paid for everything for her, car insurance, schooling, etc..and is tired of paying. Lol. She is not putting much effort other than applying online.

Plus students loans will have to be paid in a few months.

How do people pay their bills when worst comes to worse.

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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Welcome to AN! Although I graduated in the time where nurses were getting multiple job offers before even graduating, there is one thing that I think every nurse searching for employment in the current job market needs to do: network! If your daughter is truly doing nothing but applying online, she's not doing enough. She needs to get out there making professional contacts in the nursing world. She can do this by joining professional groups, such as the state nurses association, specialty organizations, etc. and attending the meetings. Sometimes, it's more about who you know than what you know in getting a job. Networking will allow here to get her face out there, including to those who are responsible for doing the hiring.

Now, for a little parenting advice from someone without children but whose parents laid down the law and I appreciate what doing that taught me: Once I graduated, I was on my own for the most part financially. Granted, my parents didn't charge me rent for the few months I lived at home saving money, but I paid my own car insurance, my own car payment, my own groceries (had a reserved shelf in the fridge), etc. It may be the kick in the seat your daughter needs to take the initiative to put in more effort in finding a job if you set a deadline that after such and such date, you will no longer be paying her bills. It may be hard and she may fight back, but it will only benefit her in the long run, even if it means temporarily working in a non-nurisng job.

Thanks Rose Queen formthe suggestions!

i know I feel bad but enough is enough. I was thinking of setting a cut off,date and maybe that would light the fire under her to try harder I guess we have to have a serious talk

I'm a second-career nurse and while I was looking for a job post-graduation, I worked a non-nursing job. I can tell you that it really helped me financially.

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Heck, I know plenty of practicing RNs who have second (non-nursing) part time jobs.

Totally agree with RoseQueen... I took the same stance with my younguns. Job hunting should be approached with the same commitment as any other job. Setting aside a regular daily schedule to look for new jobs and submit applications. Otherwise, there's no way to find a job unless a recruiter is hiding behind your couch.

I don't want to make the situation any scarier, but . . . some large organizations will not hire new grads who haven't found employment after a certain period of time since graduation (usually ~ 6 months).

You go Mom. Do what you have to do. We've got your back.

HouTx, thanks for responding. We will be having a talk with her In the next day or so. She sleeps all day and that is going to end very soon. I just don't know what she is thinking.

i,will keep you updated.

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Oh boy. Yeah, unacceptable. Her heiney needs to get out of that rent-free room and start bringing in some moolah! Does she feel its beneath her to accept a non-nursing job?

HouTx, thanks for responding. We will be having a talk with her In the next day or so. She sleeps all day and that is going to end very soon. I just don't know what she is thinking.

i,will keep you updated.