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has anyone worked for LHI doing C & P exams?


Has anyone worked for LHI doing deployment or C & P exams. I am currently being credentialed and have no clue what this entails. Anyone offer advice?

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Could you clarify what is LHI and what is a C&P exam?

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Could you clarify what is LHI and what is a C&P exam?

And really? You have accepted a job are in the credentialing process and don't know what your duties will be?


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I can tell you about C&P exams, I don't know about LHI. Many companies are performing them. Send me a private message if you want.


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I passed my boards and obtained my NP license last year and I do work as a sub-contractor for LHI doing these exams. Very good practice for performing focused physical exams. Working through the VA, LHI is the prime contractor for scheduling these disability exams for the veterans. Your exams will go through quality control before being submitted to the VA. Sometimes medical opinions will be requested as well. There is a learning curve but it gets better with time. I enjoy doing these exams but be prepared to do the research of the files before the appointment

As far as a response to you; Jules, "And really?" to quote you. do you even own a computer? do you even know the process of research? do you know how to "google" an unknown? Bet you know how to search for your local Walmart though. Your type of attitude is one reason articles are written about lateral bullying in nursing. Get over it!

Rathyen, thank you so very much for your kind response. apparently, I dont have enough posts to send a private message to you. I so appreciate you offering though. I would love to hear your thoughts. I have completed my credentialing and from what I can see, the C&P exam is a really thorough and complete physical assessment documented on those "wonderful" government forms. I have heard good things about the company.

SandieB, I am grateful for your input as someone actually doing these exams. I have heard really good things about LHI. I am working at a clinic that has contracted with LHI to do Vet exams locally. The clinic pays midlevels extremely poorly as do most other facilities in the middle TN area. I have researched NP pay for these exams in other geographical areas and found an astronomical difference than here. So much better. I sure miss my Texas and Atlanta pay scale. Again, thank you for sharing this info. Did you find the website knowledge center review helpful?


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Yes. The DBQ forms will be endless. Since I messaged you, my company had decided not to continue with she exams, so I am not doing them at all. They just want very specific wording on your reports. They should provide you with plenty of sample documentations. I hope. Good luck!


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The knowledge center has valuable information and the ROM diagrams will be very helpful. Customer service has been a valuable asset as well especially if you have specific questions. If you haven't done so already, you will be required to take several online courses before things get started.

I have been doing these compensation and pension exams now for about 12 weeks and i just worn out with the endless emails asking for "adjustments" in my notes. Almost as if I am supposed to mimic everything that VA has written previously. And the forms are on and on and on. There is no way to finish them in the time allotted by the contractor. I am working on them from home, no pay just to finish them . I would never advise any self respecting provider to do this kind of work. I am turning in my notice ASAP!. Just be warned. Its not hard work at all, the documentation is simply mind numbing and it never ends!


I know this has been awhile since the initial posting, but did you take the position doing the exams? Just wondering as I am looking at the same position as a recent FNP graduate. Thanks for any information on this position pros/cons.

To tell you truthfully, I would make absolutely certain up front about time allotments for the exam. The exams require you to know a lot about doing a good physical exam, all aspects. I didn't mind doing the exams, it was just doing documentation of the findings that took forever. Their software isn't the best and it took a loooong time for the software to page to page....wasting your valuable time and extending the time to document. The company allows a certain amount of time for the visit and documentation- isn't enough.

The experience is definitely good for learning how to do a good exam, but unless the money is good, I wouldn't do it again. As my grandma used to say "too much sugar for a dime" On the other hand, its a good baseline starting job, not long term though. But make sure the money is enough to compensate for the extra time to document. 

I have to get more information on the position. I was told no more than 6 patients per day. Which makes me think the documentation is terrible. What do you think is a fair wage to complete this job, since you can speak to what it all entails.

First, 6 exams a day is way too many. The exam plus searching the records will take at least 90 minutes if it is a thorough exam. Then the documentation takes another hour+ if LHI is still using the same software they were last year. 

Salary? No less than $45/hour. you will need to consider you will get many many emails re: the exam results documentation to respond to. Now, you just might get into a routine and ace this thing...I was just frustrated with the whole process. 

I would approach with a back up plan to escape to if getting into a routine takes longer than 2 weeks.