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  1. momofm1998

    The Nursing School to Welfare Pipeline

    Again. I am giving this post a five star rating. I have been in nursing for decades at all levels. In all sizes of facilities from 100 bed rural, to gazillion bed teaching centers and this posting has truth, evidence based facts throughout. I have lived and witnessed every example she wrote about. I have lived the inner workings of recruitment both in medical facilities and schools, she is right on and factual in her writings. Until we as nurses stand together and act as well as just voicing our concerns on forums, this stuff will continue. I try to dissuade anyone from pursuing anything in medicine because of the travesties I have seen and lived. I wish I had a fall back career and could leave nursing altogether. I have loved it all my working life but despise how the “suits” have tainted it.
  2. momofm1998

    The Nursing School to Welfare Pipeline

    This posting has so much absolute truth in it!!!!!! What a well written post!!!! I have been wondering if other nurses felt the same way I do and have seen the utter chaos and outright fraud by schools being wrought on unsuspecting people thinking they are doing something great, building security and a better life by getting more letters by their name. I kept progressing up the ladder of nursing education from lLPN, ADN, BSN, to APRN and masters degree. I have only accomplished accumulating massive student loans and spent time in school when I could have been putting back for retirement. I was one of those hellbent, getting my masters and then doctorate older RNs. From my perch now, I see no increase in pay, very few job opportunities, such a saturation of nurses that every family here could have their own group of providers., have put my family in jeopardy because we can’t qualify for a mortgage due to my debt and lack of a steady, decent paying job.. I see no value in pursuing a higher degree. My sisters child makes more money than any RN, NP I know. Has a high school education, no student debt and simply has a skill he picked up in VoTech in school. Employers here pay the lowest minimum wage possible and get by because nurses and doctors are so afraid of losing their jobs to one of the flood of providers being churned out of the ten schools in this area... This must be addressed soon or everyone stands to lose... students, nurses, hospitals, patients. I absolutely wish I had never pursued higher education..would not do it again and do not recommend this path to anyone...
  3. momofm1998

    Middle Tennessee has no Midlevel jobs

    Neuro Guy, you are absolutely right on! On every point! I did not even consider researching this area for NP need or saturation of midlevels. I am from a southwestern state and received so many offers as a new grad. It just never occurred to me to look at all aspects of my letters, practice acts, number of schools and new NP/PA grads each semester, NP/population ratio, salaries, benefits etc. So many mistakes! Ignorant little country girl! I am now finding that a huge percentage of new grads here are still looking for jobs 18 months after graduation. Many leave the state. Experienced working NPs in this area go far beyond their job description in uncompensated hours worked, patients per hour, and tolerate very poor pay, benefits and working conditions that NPs in my home state would walk straight out the door to another job that respects their letters, skills, and experience. And ones here cling to their jobs like a leech, knowing if they lose it, they face very limited options. I appreciate your words of wisdom and truly hope other NPs/PAs reading this will take them to heart. PS you have my dream job! NPs like yourself were responsible for saving my daughters life in neuro-ICU. Thank you for all you do for other families.
  4. momofm1998

    Any study hints for the DOT/CMV exam?

    Thank you so very much!! I am studying for the exam now. I took the course on the AANP site. I will do as you suggest. I am not required to have this but thought it would increase my marketability. Jobs are so scarce, need all the help I can get. Have you found this certification has helped as far as jobs or even money opportunities? I really support the vision behind this because as a first responder I saw many many truck mishaps due to medical problems. Thank you again.
  5. momofm1998

    Any study hints for the DOT/CMV exam?

    I will be taking the CMV exam soon. Does anyone have any study hints for me? I am a bit nervous and would be humiliated if I fail. My family is counting on me to pass. It would open the door to working in occupational medicine locally.
  6. If there are any recruiters out there, are those listing on job boards worth applying to or should I stick to trying to find a contact person. Does anyone actually obtain a position after applying to a job board??
  7. momofm1998

    Listening to Nurses: How This Technology Company Is Using Nurse Input

    Amen I am active in the field and can tell you until we have a decent EMR, time to go pee, not have to handle bariatric 350# patients alone, try to get helpless patients up in a lift to weigh, have more than 30 minutes to walk to lunch, eat and report back, stop having to deal with Rx orders not being filled, be able to actually leave on time... all the “tech” BS won’t mean a thing!! Also how many times have we been told to Not depend on tech and handle it with real observation. Yes. I agree! This is advertising!!! This board is supposed to have more integrity than that!!! Where are the monitors ???
  8. momofm1998

    Middle Tennessee has no Midlevel jobs

    I have been searching for a new position in the middle Tennessee area. I know this area is so saturated with midlevels that each family could have their own private PA or NP and an RN to assist. I am just so sick of reading the ridiculous job descriptions and what the reimbursement is for that position. Example: Nurse practitioner needed. DNP preferred with 10 years clinical experience, 10 years as a Registered Nurse, 10 years as an educator, Must possess unrestricted license for this plus all surrounding states, possess a DEA for those states. BLS, ACLS, PALS, DOT certified, certified diabetic educator, certified as a Legal Consultant, pain management, case management, utilization review and lymphedema. Must be proficient in all Microsoft/Apple software, proficient in all EMR software on market today. Must possess certification in Emergency Care, Acute Care, Experience in retail health, urgent care, and occupational medicine fields, as well as family medicine, geriatrics, pediatrics, womens health, male health, palliative care and psych. Must have working Knowledge HIPAA, OSHA, HR and billing/coding requirements, case management. Must have working Knowledge of State and federal laws governing medical services. Must have working knowledge of CMS, NCQA, HEDIS, URAC measures and all national standard guidelines. Position is for 40 hour week, 30 minute lunch break each day. After hour call 4 days/week and every other weekend. Will be responsible for holiday coverage. Eligible for 40 hours PTO after 24 months of consistent employment. Must have own health and liability insurance. Provide own otoscope, other medical equipment, audiometer, lipid testing, Aic testing etc *****Reimbursement: $60K-$65K annually. Yes, I am being sarcastic, but this area is so saturated with NPs, we are like Kleenex to the employers. No respect, use and throw away. I am so disgusted. I had a PA friend who was beautiful and superbly skilled..spent 8 months trying here and finally took a job making half what her colleagues in Memphis made. Moved to Washington State, making three times that now. I have all the letters, certifications, experience necessary but I am one of many. I get along wonderfully with both patients and fellow workers. Personal appearance neat, clean, appropriate. Resume and cover letters have been approved/critiqued to be well done. I have placed at least 20 applications and you all know how long those are-10/15 pages. Responses from the bigger companies polite but no jobs. Some dont even respond. Had a phone interview scheduled I had set aside for time for this morning. Waited, waited...no call. I finally emailed the rep. response was overwhelmed with so many applicants and she would let me know something in a few days. Am I just being overly expectant or is anyone else out there on middle TN experiencing same thing???
  9. momofm1998

    remote positions for NPs

    Actually, I am asking what kinds of remote home based employment may exist for NPs. There are so many nurses in every field on this site and I am sure know so much more than I do about "what opportunities are out there" for NPs. I have learned so much just scanning the different forums. No one tells you about any jobs on graduation from nursing school other than hospital based bedside jobs, and you are kind of on your own graduating from the NP program. I am just tired of the rat race of primary care, rush the patient through, after hours on the EMR, after hours call backs, coding, all about the numbers, in my hurry-did I do right for the patient?, 10 hour days that are actually 14 hours in reality, driving 90 minutes to cover a distant clinic. I would take a cut in pay to work from home, to be able to at least be within walking distance from a child I have that is partially disabled instead of being 45-60 miles away if there were an emergency. And yes, I know, work from home means productivity and work, not leisure or family time. I have an RN friend who works for an insurance company that said it is just like on site work, clock in on time, work, take a 15 minute break, clock back in, work and clock out at 5 PM. She said every key stroke is monitored.
  10. momofm1998

    remote positions for NPs

    Are there truly any remote positions for NPs other than telehealth?
  11. momofm1998

    Medical marijuana

    Do you or any midlevel you know prescribe medical marijuana from an online base? Do you know any reason why may be detrimental to ones career?
  12. momofm1998

    Travel Nursing: I'm in Maine Now! Part 2

    I myself took an assignment in Maine and being from the deep South fully believed I was heading to "Yankee" town. I was sure i wouldn't like it and be treated poorly, but the money was good so I took a chance. I had the most marvelous experience, the people are amazingly sweet and friendly. If you have to get old and don't have family, get old in Maine. Those CNAs took such wonderful care of the patients. They would actually meet at shift change and note who needed what that evening. I have never before seen the impressive care the staff took with those elderly clients. so caring, so gentle and thorough. Never saw a bedsore there. When I left, I left some of the dearest people and will always carry good memories of them. But I too also had an "apartment" through the agency. It was straight up a mountain, then straight up steep stairs to a tiny bedroom with low ceiling. I bet the agency paid her mortgage for the whole winter. Maine is a delightful memory...Good people!!!