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Anyone use Davis for questions

I would like to know if anyone used davis CD/book for questions and whether it had similar questions to the NCLEX? I would also like to know how it compares to Kaplan questions, because I do not think I will be repurchasing the Q Bank. I noticed Davis also states that their CD has over 3,000 questions. I think Kaplan was ok, but it confused me some, and you can not use the decision tree on every question. Thanks

I had a copy of Davis and did not use it much. I would go with the Saunders Comprehensive Review.

For my first test, I read the entire Saunders book and answered questions at the end of the chapter. I think Saunders was just too overwhelming to retain and their questions are not at the level of difficulty as the new test plan or Kaplan's questions. I am now using Saunders CD in study mode, Kaplan course book, not the strategy book,and the Hurst book for centent. I have La Charity for questions, but I would like another source for practice questions that is at the level of difficulty as Kaplan , as I just can't afford to pay Kaplan another $200 just to use their Q Bank!

Currently using Davis and oh my, I think they are hard. I have heard alot of good things about Kaplan but for now, i just can't afford it. The book came with a CD with over 3,000 Qs. I hope Davis will be sufficient for practice Qs. I have read that Davi's Qs are harder than the actual NCLEX. Better to practice on hard Qs, I guess.


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