Anyone taking a CNA Course this Summer?


I start mine on Monday, 6/9. It's a 16-day course, and I bought my textbook/workbook earlier this week. Both books look way too thick to be covered in 16 days! I'm going to try and do some preliminary reading this weekend.

I'm a little nervous about this class because it's my first "real" nursing course, you know? Everything else has been science, a gen. ed. course, or an advanced class for the BA that I already have.

Anyone else taking an accelerated or other CNA course this summer?


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I just added into one on Monday. Ours is a 4 day a week class with two clinical days from 6am-3pm and two lecture days from 8am-11:30am or so (plus the first 6 days are from 8am-3pm). I'm so tired and sore already that I don't know how I'll make it through our first real clinical day on site. Right now we're just doing our clinical days split between lecture and the school's lab.


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Mine is 4 days/week too. M-Th. Were your books really expensive?


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I think my book was in the $80 range. It's Mosby's CNA book and it's green. Sorry, I don't have it in front of me right now. It came with a cool cd-rom that has the steps of many of the procedures outlined and it came with a workbook that I haven't really looked at yet. The book was cheaper than all the other stuff I have to get and get done. I've got CPR class in a little over an hour.

I started June 4th. Mine is 6 weeks. 2 days lecture and 1 day clinical. I have Mosby's Textbook for Nursing Assistants 7th Edition. My first clinical is next Thursday.


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Hi! I start mine this Tuesday, 6/10. Ours lasts until July 28th. We have class 3 to 4 nights a week (mostly 3) and at least one of those is a lab. Then we have clinicals on some Saturdays too. I really like the fact that we have the classes, labs and clinicals mixed rather than some other courses I looked into that have all the classes first and then a full week of clinicals.

Our book and workbook is also Mosby's and cost me $68 at the school bookstore. That is the only book that we need. The total cost of the course is $900 but that also includes the $104 state test fee. Can't wait to start!:yeah:


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i took cna class last summer. i passed it! :) i suggest that use flash cards for the vocabs or use a voice recorder. for the books if you want to get cheaper books for ur class go check online or go to (here you can find people selling books for cheaper price lower than bookstore) so yeah good luck on cna. so how many hours is cna a day? mine is start at 6:00am-3:30pm and that's freaking long...i survived:yeah: , just dont keep hitting ur notes and u'll be fine!!


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I just found out for certain that i got into my class. It starts next monday 6/16 - 7/10. Its in Towanda, PA which is a decent drive for me but i cant wait! Its at Memorial hostital. Anyone else going there?


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I just signed up for a class starting 6/23 and finishing 7/18.... Two weeks of class two weeks of clinical....

At the Cascade Medical School in Portland OR. They used to be in Woodburn, OR, but just moved. I wanted to go to Quick! CNA training in Milwaukie OR, but she was booked and my schedule wouldn't allow it.

Anybody know anything about either of these programs?

Lemme know.... And Happy Monday:jester:


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I am taking a CNA course in Dallas TX. Mine is 4 weeks long from 9:30a to 1:30p. It costs $600 and the state exam is $83. It starts on 6/23 and we use Mosbys cna book also. I can hardly wait.


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I just finished my first week of CNA classes on Thursday and in some ways it's what I expected and not so much in others. Thankfully, I really like it.

We're using Mosby's textbook/workbook too, but I think it's the 5th edition.

I can't believe I'll be finished with this course in 3 weeks. We do all of our clinicals the last week of classes. The state exam is $75.00.

To those of you who are proceeding with LPN, ADN, or BSN programs in the fall - Are you planning to take the state exam? Some programs just require students to complete the course, others require you to become state-registered (i.e. pass the state exam). I'm thinking I'll take it anyway, even though it's not required for my Program. Not yet, at least...

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