Anyone taking a CNA Course this Summer?


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I just finished my first week of CNA classes on Thursday and in some ways it's what I expected and not so much in others. Thankfully, I really like it.

We're using Mosby's textbook/workbook too, but I think it's the 5th edition.

I can't believe I'll be finished with this course in 3 weeks. We do all of our clinicals the last week of classes. The state exam is $75.00.

To those of you who are proceeding with LPN, ADN, or BSN programs in the fall - Are you planning to take the state exam? Some programs just require students to complete the course, others require you to become state-registered (i.e. pass the state exam). I'm thinking I'll take it anyway, even though it's not required for my Program. Not yet, at least...

I'm not sure yet. I finished my classes/clinicals 3 weeks ago. I'm working in Home Health right now but not going to nursing school. I'm going to school for Human/Social Services with a full-time workload come fall. My intention was nursing school, but after class and clinical experience it's not completely for me I don't think.

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