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I'm doing the NCBSN online review now. The sections are lengthy, but I want to review everything to be ready for my exam. Also, the questions seem more straightforward than the ones we had in our nursing program. I also have the Kaplan book and will also review the test taking strategies in that as well. I think that the questions in the online review are excellent to use to prepare, as you get the same type/level of difficulty as you can expect on the exam.



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Hey jaedlove I actually found the kaplan strategie book the 2011 one at my local library so i just used that....if you are just starting out studying I would say that to get your content down before you purchase the ncsbn since the content on it is very lenghty and can get you frustrated.....I wold sugesst to purchase the 3 week course after you have covered content to just focus on the way i did pass:yeah: its official I am a RN!!!!!!!!!:nurse: good luck to you.....let me know if you have anymore questions

Congrats on your passing!!! :yeah:Did you get a lot of pharm meds you havent heard of?! im so petrified of these meds, there is no way i can possibly know the whole drugbook!! :confused:Im studying simply the common ones! My exam's in one week!!! :( How was your exam in general? thanks and congrats again!

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