Anyone take Kaplan for second time testing....and then pass?

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I failed my first attempt at NCLEX and just finished a Kaplan review course. Has anyone taken the Kaplan and then pass on the second attempt? Did you notice any difference when you answered questions the second time around? Im so nervous to retake the test because I simply do not want to fail again!


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same here....finished my kaplan..going to take this monster exam second time....

idk whats gonna happen ..fingers crossed...

good luck!!


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I took Kaplan and failed first time with 265 questions, so I decided to do Kaplan again and failed a second time at 265 questions. Then they didn't refund my money, because I took it the second time. I was frustrated and upset, so I enrolled in the ATI course. Highly recommend ATI, I passed third time with 75 questions. Talking to everyone I know that took ATI passed. I would recommend get your money back and take ATI. GOOD LUCK and stay postive you will pass!!!!!!!!!:nurse:


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I cannot get my money back because the money back doesnt apply to me. I did not take Kaplan for my first attempt...I took it after I failed. And, the guarantee does not apply if you have failed it prior to coming to Kaplan. Did you have good scores with Kaplan? I got a 66% on readiness and a 70% on Question trainer 4. I know they get harder as you go, Im hoping mine stays higher. On Question trainers 1-3 I averaged a 60%. Am I even in the ball park for passing?


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Im not sure how the scores really matter. I passed the readiness test with 69, and did well on question trainers, but had a friend that scored low on readiness but passed her boards. Just make sure you feel confident in patho, medications, and precautions. Do you have test anxiety or need help with content? You can do it!!!!

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