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Anyone still feel insecure after 1 year??

by Windshadow Windshadow (New) New

Hey All,

I'm new to this forum. Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone still feels nervous or insecure about their job after 1 year of experience. I'm definitely not as nervous as I was when I started out and I am better with time management overall, but there are many days that I work that I feel inadequate and slowed down by having to start IV's or do procedures that I haven't done in a while (or at all).

I work in a smaller, rural hospital and patient to nurse ratio is usually 1:4 on days and 1:6 on nights. Most days that I work I only have 4 patients, but I still feel this way. Is this at all normal? Any tips on organization that has helped relieve the anxiety of being slow?

Thanks for listening ;)


Im about eight months anyway. I have a similar situation, I work in a small city hospital. I have four to six pts on evening shifts.

I f I am pulled in different directions from when I first get in, myroutine is off and I feel totally overwhelmed.

If my patients charts are not available to me when i step on the floor,

Ihate it.

The other day i spent almost two hrs with a pt trying to ge t him transferred. his discharge summary wasnt ready. The ambulance was there to take him. The patient refused to go. He is a psych pt so cant just take him. ok leave him. Ok now he wants to go.....blah blah two hours later hes still here and im trying to catch up, new admits, post op, documentation, documentation, etc. Oh shoot another admission

It is not easy

I just go in and do the best i can

If you like it, stay with it. If there is something better you might like to do, try that. I dont know where Im going from here... but I am learning alot.... so I try to remember that

my assistant unit manager said it took her 2 years to feel comforatable. it takes time. it's not something that comes so easy. but it's a good thing to worry because that means that you obviously care about your job.

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i have 2 pts days/nights...sometimes i feel like i have so many things to do on top of critical thinking and forseeing problems...chart checking, reviewing..med passing, assessments...etc...its tough at times, I just wish there were two of me at times~It does get stressful at times and when im behind it does make me feel inadequate..

I usually take 10 or 15 mins at the beginning of the shift and make a rough sketch of what I would optimally like to accomplish that shift with both my pts. I start out at 1900 and go to 0700 and every hour jot down whatever i can think of...then as i geIt htem accomplished i scratch them off the list...This way I can multitask! I usually end up ahead of schedule! Or if I am running behind I ask for help!:)

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