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Hey everyone I graduated in december of 08 and just passed my NCLEX in may. After applying for hundreds of jobs in VA I finally decided to apply in D.C and was accepted to Washington Hospital Center. I will be starting July 20th. Just wanted to ask what are you doing to get prepared?? I know we have to pass several exams!! Any input will be appreciated!


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Hi, I will graduate in May of 2010 and have been looking at WHC. I was wondering if you knew how many new grads they accepted and to what floors. Congratulations!!:yeah:


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Hey, Well I am not sure how many grads they accepted, but I know they were hiring new grads in every floor, oncology which is where I will be working, ICU, labor and delivery, psych, and so forth. I would recommend you to get in contact with a nurse recruiter before you graduate. I went personally to the HR office and I think that was better. Well good luck to you next year!!

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I'll be starting on Monday with ya! I'm working on a surgical transplant floor. I am basically just prepping for the math test and other than that getting ready to move! What are you doing to get ready?


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Did you get a DC license? Do you know if they are still hiring? Thanks!


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Just curious..I guess u guys started already? How do u like it? what's orientation like? also what's this about tests you have to pass? I just passed my nclex and i'm looking into working there. I'm trying to register for their dreamday thingie on the 21st. Also what's their new grad rate if u don't mind?



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Congrats first off for getting the jobs at WHC! I was wondering if you had any tips or advice to getting a job at WHC and attending Dream Day. I am looking to move to DC after I graduate in May of 2010. How early in the year did you all go to Dream Day? Does that make a difference in what units are hiring or how readily they offer a position? Just curious about the process because I really want to work at WHC. I would appreciate any words of wisdom you guys have.


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I went to dream day back in April. Turns out they were only hiring for the july start date at that time and didn't even know if they would have an October class or not. No one even interviewed that day because none of the managers were available. I didn't graduate until today (wooohoo) so they pretty much weren't even considering me for anything. They told me to try back in august, but they won't let me attend another dream day....sooooooooooo here is to hoping that they call me from submitting my application!

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