Anyone know how many HESI Exit exam versions there are??

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Can anyone tell me how many RN HESI exit exam versions there are? I know for sure that there are 4, but I've heard a small percentage say that there is versions 5,6,7. I know my friends that graduated from another schol only had versions 1-4. I know my school has versions 1-4 as well, but I don't know if they have more than that. I also know that they have retest 1-3 and maybe 4, but I'm not sure.

I thought v3 was the hardest, and v4 was the easiest. They are supposed to be weighted equally, but they are not. there were only 9 people who passed the v3 from our class.[/


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I've always heard that there are four. Its funny you say that about V3, b/c I heard that V2 was harder than 3, and that V3 was comparable to V1. But who really knows.....its all subjective in a sense.

We had a Hesi Review at school w/ an Evolve person and this question was asked. Her response was that there are definitely 4 versions in use, but a school can always request an additional, which they will create from their test bank.

In our class of 88, 50 students passed the first time, 39 didn't. On the second retake, approx half passed V2. With the grace of God, I was fortunate to pass the first time with a 1050. In all honesty, I really didn't think it was that bad. But of course its easy to say that in retrospect and from this side of the fence!

Thanks for the input. That helps to know it was straight out of an evolve person's mouth. I guess most use versions 1-4, as I thought. I scored an 821 on the last one. I was sure I was going to pass it while I was taking it, and was even thinking about the fact that I could finally let people know that I passed. Then I thought, wait a minute, don't get ahead of yourself. I was on question 133, and decided to take my one and only break thinking it would do me good b/c I did not want to rush through it, and miss some by mistake.

When I came back I read too much into the questions, and changed my answers from my first reponse. I realized this after looking at my rationales, only it was too late. I scored an 821, and I believe I just needed a few more correct to pass. A few more that I ended up second guessing myself on and changed.

Unfortunately, I have to take it again in the summer. I only have to make-up some clinicals and then we can take HESI over again. I think... That's why I was wondering about the versions, and if we would be given the same ones v1-4. I know the other school located in this town just used v1-4 again. However, they are somewhat different, yet some questions are the same as well. Don't know if the retest versions will change though. I guess I'll see when I get there.

Still interested in other responses...


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There are 4 HESIs (exit). A school can request that 3 additional versions be created if it wants. The questions do not stay the same in each version from year to year; the questions move around. I don't know for sure how often the questions are moved around but I know they are actively trying out 15 new questions with each test, questions that don't count towards the score. They are randomly placed within each test.


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Does anyone have a study guide to Hesi v-4 or helpful hints?


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There are 7 versions of the Hesi test and each version itself has 3 tests within itself. For example: V-1a, V-1b, V-1c, V-2a, V-2b, V-3c, etc. Our school had all 7 versions and I was lucky I got Version 2 cause some of my classmates who had Version 1 failed.

I hope this helps.


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Any help with v-4?


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there are 6-7 versions each exam is different and questions are not always the same format and some questions are more difficult,


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HESI is really hard, but I know a few people who have passed and they studied Saunders and 3500. It worked for them, but not me


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I am using the HESI study guide and CD and can't get my scores on the CD out of the 70-75% range on Med/Surg. People have told me the practice exams on the CD's are a lot harder than the actual exams. Does anyone have any input? I take a "practice" HESI at school tomorrow and I'm scared out of my mind!


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I got 887 on the hesi first attempt but did not pass because my school requires 950. I am going to take the next one in couple of days. I am studying and praying hard. Also practicing questions in the Kaplan book.Best of luck every one!


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WOW! a 950 huh.........that is wacked. The lowest score I heard for passing the Hesi was an 825. My school needed an 870 but only allowed to take it 2 times. Your school doesn't play around :uhoh21:

Good luck. I will cross my fingers and toes for you!

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