Anyone know of home jobs on computer??


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Does anyone know of any ligit sites for working at home on computer?? I have a full-time nursing job in a hospital but it seems like since I'm on the computer so much I could do a little something from home too. So many are scams, thought I'd see if anyone working from home can head me in the right direction



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i wish i knew some. i would love a parttime job on the computer.

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i worked for west telemarketing for 3 years taking inbound calls for phone companies and retailers. Yeah, when you call verizon or virgin mobile or whatever, the person talking to you is possibly sitting in their home. when you ask for a supervisor, it's a 3 way call. was their website. the company had a switch of ownership in 07 and had to cut out people from certain states for tax purposes. i know theres a class action suit from people who were cut from GA, OH and other states. i liked working for them. I made decent money, especially during the holiday season when i took calls for a toy company and could make $22 - 40 an hour not including bonuses.Had direct deposit. the only thing is that tax wasn't deducted so you had to pay tax at the end of the year when you file. The IRS in PA sent vouchers where i could send it in quarterly. Of course you can deduct your home office, computer, stationery, etc when filing. maybe you can look into that.

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There are a bunch of companies like that. I worked for West, who paid something like .12 cents / minute, then moved to LiveOps who paid .25 cents / min. They pay for your talk time only. The most I made was 15.00/hr, but that was unusual. I found the listing of these companies from (work at home Mom), there was another board I hung out on, but for the life of me can't remember it, sorry. You have to have a regular phone line (not voip or cell) a headpiece and quiet work area. If you are caught with background noise like a baby or dog or something like that where people think you are at home, you can be fired. It worked great for me while I did it, but we moved and the situation wasn't set up to allow it, so I gave it up.. started school on my pre-reqs instead. :)


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I was looking for some home computer jobs as well, and I found this site which offers some pretty sweet ideas for real ways to make money on your home computer.

Definitely worth checking out.


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if you have a computer with dsl and a home phone, you can do what i do it is a customer service job in which calls are routed to your home. it's actually a pretty fun job at times; and you can study or surf the net between calls. hourly minimum wage pay and work whenever you want. just have to make sure its quiet. i start school may 2010 and this is going to be my job. hope this helps!!!:p

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Medical Transcription. My mom has been doing it for 25 years. Did it from home even when she had to use a typewriter and got the dictations as TAPES! Now it is all online.


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You mean they don't still use tapes for dictation? My rural clinic does! LOL!

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