Anyone Here from Nassau County?

U.S.A. New York


Hey I was wondering if anyone was around where I live?

I live in Long Island.

Goint to start my BSN this fall.

Any Long Islanders out there give a shout out

and us about yourself


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I'm new to this site and i am from nassau county Currently i work in Suffolk county for the state!


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Originally posted by MJ-12

Any Long Islanders out there give a shout out

Hey NASSAU county resident here :D

I work for a North Shore facilty in nassau, toying with the idea of my BSN for about 2 years now !! Will have tuition reimbursement after Jan. so most likely will try to get in a program then.

They are affiliated with Molloy College and giving classes at my hospital on Monday eves which is VERY convenient..............

Where will you be going to school ??



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Although I am living in Florida now, Long Island is still my home.

DebRN01, which NS facility do you work for? I worked four years at NSUH in Manhasset as a medical secretary. Now my plan is to get my nursing degree and go back there. I was going to move earlier, but it is cheaper for me to go to school full-time in Florida than in NY.

I grew up in N. Massapequa and went to Farmingdale high school!



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Originally posted by 2banurse

Although I am living in Florida now, Long Island is still my home.


Well we were just about neighbors !!!! Im in LEVITTOWN, work at NS Plainview. :p

Sent you a PM..............


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Long Islander here...Suffolk County is my home, and who I work for :)


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Long Island here as well, I go to NCC nursing program(just finishing up 1st semester) and live in Albertson. Nice to meet everyone!


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I am trying to get into Nursing School on Long Island and have only applied to Nassau and Suffolk County Community Colleges. Does anyone know of any other programs on Long Island they would recommend? Did anyone attend those schools? Any info would be great.




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Hey there- I m in Suffolk- not far from Nassau

I go to SUNY Farmingdale- they offer a 2 yr program- and so does SUNY StonyBrook- you should look into them.


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Are you only looking at 2 yr schools? I go to Nassau right now but if money was no issue I'd go to Molloy or Adelphi. I will say that I really like my program so far though and if you go to NCC I think you'll be happy with it --most people are


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NCC is a great program, but the waiting list is ridiculous! I know of people with 4.0's waiting for 3 or more years! I went to NCC for my prereqs and then went to Adelphi.


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I live in Hicksville. I went to NCC and loved it. It's a tough program, but I think the program gave me a strong clinical foundation. I went back to school soon after graduation to Adelphi and got my BS. My hospital gave me tuition rembursment for that degree. It's a good idea to go into a 4 year program, if you can afford it. I hear StonyBrook also has a good program that is more affordable then Molloy or Adelphi.

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