Anyone go straight from LPN graduation to RN bridge?


I have finished all my RN pre-requisites. Because of time and daycare issues, I'm starting an LPN program this month. I want to go straight into the RN bridge when I graduate. I feel like my chances of working as a nurse will be a lot better with my RN, but if I'm lucky enough to get an LPN job when I graduate, I'll do that while I go through the RN bridge.

Anyone else use LPN purely as a stepping stone to RN? I'd go straight for RN if they had part time or evening programs here, but they don't.

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I did and I think its an excellent idea. look at it this way,you at least wins half the battle by becoming a LPN first.


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That's what I'm doing. I got my LPN and continued for my RN while working. It's important to get experience as a nurse to help you find a job when you finally graduate. Search these boards about careers and you'll find so many new grad RNs are having a hard time finding jobs because they don't have actual hospital experience. If you find a job as an LPN, you have more info for your resume AND you may find a job at a facility that does tuition reimbursement. It also gives you an opportunity to just move up in a position. You get to work directly with other nurses and get great ideas about other places they've worked. I never even considered school nursing or correctional facilities. Then I learned about flu clinics. It just really helped me get my foot in the door.

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Yep I did too: I graduated in May 1992 from an LPN program and went right back to school (ADN) Jan 1993 (I am a military wife and we moved from Vegas to Indianapolis during this time).

I did wait 8 years to complete my BSN but then kept on going straight to an MSN.

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That is what I am doing right now as well. I think it's a smart move, but I have nothing against those who go straight for their RN! Going for my LPN first was just the way I was meant to travel down the road to my career. I have always heard that the LPN program is more hands on, as opposed to the RN programs, where there is more theory and less clinical focus. I am not so sure that is true for all, but it is what I've heard from many. Good luck! :)


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I'm doing the same thing. I didn't want to wait in the "pick me, pick me" line for a few years as I've already completed my pre-reqs and my co-reqs for RN. I've beaten myself silly by asking myself over and over if I'm making the right choice. It's important to me that I become an RN and I will do whatever it takes to get there. The LPN school that I've been accepted to is part of the public school system and is very affordable. Congrats on stepping on that stone! You're gonna be across the river and an RN one day!


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Thanks everyone! I'm excited to finally head into nursing even if I have one extra stepping stone to cross. The experience will be invaluable :)


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That is what I did as well. A lot of nurses have discriminated against it (I hear a lot of, "You're JUST an LPN...?") but there is a good logic behind it.

1. An LPN program can be 1/3 the cost of an RN program

2. Most LPN programs give double the hands-on clinical experience as RN programs do because although lecture is important, it is not emphasized as heavily

3. You can WORK as an LPN while putting yourself through RN school, which boosts your experience/clinical exposure, gets your foot in the door, and beats working the drive though at MCDonalds

I graduate next week and I don't regret doing my LPN first, even for a second. Don't let anyone else try to convince you otherwise and good luck to you.


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That is the only way that you can get accepted into our RN program here.


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I'm debating the same thing. This is my first semester back to school after 10 years. I am attempting to go straight for my RN and I'm failing Bio I, which is what is needed to get into A&P and micro. This info was really helpful to me because I've been going back and forth.


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you guys are making me even more excited about doing it this way, thanks so much :) I start in 6 days!


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Victoria where are you from? I see the FL in your name and I'm just figuring you're from Florida. I'm in Oviedo (near Orlando) and going to SSC.