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Anyone else taking night classes?


I have to work during the day (4 days) and have a 3 year old so am starting my pre-nursing prereqs this Fall....at night! I am starting with biology with a lab (4 units) which will be two nights from 6:45-10pm. I have around 5 classes to take so I am looking at number of years before I can apply to the RN program. Ughh. Anyone else having to take this snail paced route?

Wish me luck!

I am taking all of my pre-nursing classes on line. I feel your pain with the children. I have an almost 4 year old son, an almost 10 month old little girl and we got a HUGE surprise and are having another little boy in November!! I try to get my school work done during the day but it is IMPOSSIBLE my children require constant attention and it is exhausting. I will probably have to take my nursing (or try to anyay) classes at night as I won't be able to afford a babysitter for all 3 children all day 5 days a week.

There is at least another "Stay at Home Mom" out there just like you!;)

Congrats on starting school!!!

I began taking classes at my CC in Summer 2004...at night. I work full-time, 5 days a weeks, 40 hours. So, I would work all day and then go to school (usually 2 classes at a time). Unfortunately I am one of those who HAS to work to make sure bills are paid and I also carry the insurance for my family. I do not have a choice.

In September 2005, we were surprised with the birth of our daughter...not planning on that at all til AFTER I finished school. So, I took a semester (actually two if you include Summer '06) off and returned to classes in Fall of '06.

So, I began school 3 years ago now and I finished my pre-req's this past spring with my last class...Micro! Now I wait to get accepted to the program!!!

So, I undertand completely!!! I never thought I'd get to this point, but I did. Do I wish I could have done it quicker...yes. But you do what you can do and you WILL get there!!!

I could have very easily said "this is too long of a process", but I knew if I did that, 4 years later I would look back and think "I could almost be a nurse by now" and I would be kicking myself. So, I'm glad I stuck with it!!!

My daughter is almost two now and I think since she's been born, it has helped the time go by soooo much quicker!

Best of luck to you and just stick with it...it will pay off. I actually have my schedule printed out and everytime I finish my class(es), I cross it off...and now I see how far I've come!!! I'm proud of myself and it's a great feeling to cross off those classes every semester!!!

BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE!!! WE WILL GET THERE!!! :balloons: :monkeydance: :balloons: :monkeydance:

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I took Algebra during evening classes; twice a week for a couple of hours each night. It wasn't bad; flew right by.

i took A&P at night last semester and actually liked the night class better than the day ones. the people in the night classes are there more to learn then screw around. that class had the least amount of students drop it also.

I am too a stay at home mom and I will be taking my pre-reques at night because we can not afford a babysitter and it's easier for me to go at night. Bummer though I tried to take one of my pre-reques today and it was full so in the spring I will be taking BIO 101 with a lab and I cannot wait to start, i am so tried of watiting to finally be able to take my pre-reques, anyone else feel this way? I had to wait to the last minute because I wasn't sure I could afford to take the class plus I had to make sure I had a ride there!!! :uhoh21::uhoh21: So I know how it feels to go to school at night especially when you have a family, so hang in there you can do this, keep us posted ok!!!:welcome:

I, too, work 4 days/10hrs and taking algebra in the evening, right after work, 5-7 PM, for two nights. I am also taking anatomy on Saturday, 3 hrs class and 3 hrs lab, for a total of 6hrs. I have kids too, 12yrs and 3.5yrs.

I feel your pain but I can almost see the light. I am a fireman working in God's waiting room (an area of almost all elderly folks) and I have a one year old boy. So i get very little sleep. I had a lot of luck taking online classes at RIO SALADO but I do not recommend there BIO 201 and 202 A&P it is horrible. I took regular BIO, Micro and Chem 130 and got A's and beleive me I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Well good luck and hang in there.

Frank The Tank

I am with you also. I am working full time, five days a week 40ish hours and going to take two classes (one with a lab) in the evening in the Fall. In the past, when I was in college I took a lot of evening and Saturday classes and liked them better actually because there were a lot of older students in the classes and a lot of the people were more serious students. I am just beginning my nursing prerequisites also and have about eight classes to take until I can apply for nursing school.

I am also a stay at home mom that will be taking 2 evening courses and one Saturday course. It will be tough at times but in the end it is worth it. My husband is very supportive. Just curious what the house will look like when I get home at night:)

I am taking night and weekend classes. I have to work full time while doing school, so that is my only option. I am already accepted into the nursing program and getting nervous about next semester. I have to take 15 credit hours all at once...how am I going to pay my bills if I have to go down to part time. I suppose just take it as it comes...


Just curious what the house will look like when I get home at night:)

:lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

AMEN!!! Me too...but I work full-time too, so I won't have ANY time to pick up after him and my daughter, so he will have to keep up with it!!!

Thank you all for your replies. I don't feel so alone in my "quest" now. Here's to all of us future nurses out there!

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