anyone else experience burnout before nursing school?


So here I am about to graduate with my associates in allied health. I feel this overwelming feeling of wanting to be done with school but at the same time I know I have 2 1/2 yrs left. I will be going to school in the spring to get my last pre req otu of the way and wont find out about acceptance into nursing school until May or June.

Maybe, this is all due to the fact that I am nearing the end of this semester and it is just the usual burnout experienced near the end of every semester. I just wish it would ease up though.

I am betting that I would be alot more fired up if I new I was accepted into nursing school.

Has anyone else experienced this and managed to pull through? LOL :-)

Honestly I am usually in a good mood about everything I think that the long weekend at home has me thinking to much!:uhoh3:


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Has anyone else experienced this and managed to pull through? LOL :-)

You haven't even started to feel burnout yet.

You'll get through it though.


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It ebbs and flows. I can't wait for this semester to be over! I need a break. I'm going to make sure I really enjoy the winter break before I start nursing classes. Most of my days will be spent doing NADA! Ahhhh, I look forward to that! (Now the trick will be doing that without feeling guilty!)

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I'm a dork.. I love being in school. I had to take the summer off and I was so bummed all summer.. couldn't wait to get back into it. It helps that the past couple of semesters I've taken classes I really enjoy. I've had a couple semesters that couldn't end soon enough.. so maybe it's the classes you're taking right now?


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With me, I'm loving the classes I'm taking. This is actually my best semester since I've been back in school. I've scored a perfect 100 on a few exams and near perfect 97 or 98 on most of the others. I really like micro, a lot better than all the other sciences I took. I'm also taking Film Appreciation, Cultural Anthropology & the 2nd part of World History - All very interesting and I love my History prof and Film prof, they make the subject come alive. I haven't taken a break since I started my pre-reqs 2 years ago. I've been going to school non stop, both summers. So yeah, I do feel a bit of a burn out, exhausted, yes. Nothing to do with the classes, just a physical and mental toll. But I'll be fine. I just need a break to recharge before I start nursing classes in January.

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I loved my intro to film (we called it intro to motion pictures).. that was a fun class! Enjoyed my histories too!!

This semester I'm taking stats (which shockingly I'm loving), A/P1, Nutrition and Lifespan. It's funny, because the one class I thought I'd hate and struggle with I'm doing best in.. The first two stats exams I got a 100 on and the 3rd a 98. I'm shocked at myself! lol


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Just think about all the hard work you've put in so far, and feel proud of yourself. Don't slow down before the finish line! Knock these last classes out of the park, have a mai tai, enjoy your summer, and revitalize before the fall! You'll do just fine in NS!!!!


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I dont know how to quote messages yet, but I do think that its the workload right now that is getting me. I am in Anatomy and Physiology as well as drug education. Most of this semester I have also been tutoring other students in physiology.

I really think that the christmas break is going to help me alot. I was feeling pretty overwelmed earlier just thinking about all the school that I have in front of me. In the end though it will be worth it!


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Eh, it happens.

I took anatomy during the spring, microbiology that summer, and then physiology that following fall. I was soooo burned the heck out when it came to bio, but I knew I wanted to get done ASAP! I figure it's a matter of 'keeping your eyes on the prize.'

Honestly, I can't be out of school for that long. I get bored. I finished my pre-nursing classes last fall and instead of taking a break while I twiddled my thumbs waiting to be accepted into a nursing program, I took classes towards my liberal arts degree. I'll be completing that after this semester and am slated to start an ADN program in February. :)

I was thinking of taking the winter off, but like I said, I get bored. Dosage calculations, maybe? lol

But like I said, eyes on the prize! It's way too easy to drop the ball when you're feeling burnt out. I would know.

Good luck!

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I feel your pain oklahomagal! I've been going nonstop for 2 years, Spring, Summer and Fall each year. I applied to two schools: I am on the Alternate List for one and was denied by the other (they misinformed me regarding a placement test, and decided not to take responsibility for telling me I didn't need a math class).

So, with my hopes of starting NS in January quickly dwindling, I find myself feeling bogged down. I'm taking 3 classes this semester while working full time! It's hard to stay focused and keep my head in the game this semester, especially with the unknown of NS. Winter Break cannot come soon enough! I'm sure I'll feel differently after having a month off, but as of right now, I'm not planning on taking any classes in the Spring. I am going to reapply to both schools in January (pending I'm not moved from Alternate status to Accepted by my second choice school) and just take it easy..... yeah right! I'm sure I'll be back at the grind of it after I have some time to recoup.