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Anyone who can help me..LVN exam process in california


Im a nursing graduate back in the philippines october 2010 .. and also a registered nurse.. I just got here in california last may 29, 2015 and im struggling because I dont know when and how to start,, I have read a lot about the concurrency issue thats why i decided ill challenge the LVN exam for now but still i get lost as i went through the methods on the website www.bvnpt.ca.gov.

can anyone share the steps you took to apply LVN here in california..

hope you can give me some tips

Hi, I'm on the same boat... I graduated in the PI, RN there, took the NCLEX-RN last October but failed. With the concurrency issues, I am focused on taking the NCLEX-PN, instead. I will Bookmark and follow this thread because I, too, need help with the application process. :)

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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Method 3. Follow the instructions on the BVNPT website as they are pretty clear

There's a couple of very good step-by-step instructional application topics that have been well covered by others from the Phils.

It will answer all your concerns on what method to use, to how to fill the various forms and get them ready for submission to your schools.

There's no need to keep asking the questions, you just need to search this forum and BINGO, you'll find them fairly easy to complete.

It should take no more than 30 minutes to fill out the application.

There's no need to over-think the application, it's pretty self explanatory.

hi, we're on the same dilemma here. Are we suppose to follow method 3? I am following method 2 and send forms to my school ( forms on its way). but reading your comment here made me almost turn my chair upside down!.. I"m really confuse and feel dumb not knowing which exactly is the right one for me.

graduated BSN april 2014

passed PNLE Jun2014

as far as i understand, method 3 is intended for applicant with employment experience...

Form 55A -12 -..."Board obtain verificationof employment and certification from the Registered Nurse (RN) Director or Supervisor that theapplicant has demonstrated the required knowledge and skills during the applicant's paid general dutyinpatient bedside nursing experience.

I think Im on the right track. hopefully.:unsure:

Has anyone thought about becoming a lawyer in California.

You don't need a college degree in order to sit for the bar in California. I would check into this and use this as an option...

Hi mines0523 i just wanna ask if you already take the lvn? So that i can ask further about the application for lvn. I dont know how to start. Thankyou. I graduated in the Philippines way back 2013 and passed the board exam.