Anyone here apply or attend Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College


I hope to be starting in the fall. Waiting for my letter. :uhoh3:


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Just saw this post. I am a Level 3 nursing student (Fall 2005). There is a site for current & prospective nursing students at


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I'll be starting the ADN program at JD in the fall. Can anyone give me a general idea of what my schedule will be like?


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Off on Mondays

8-3 Tuesday & Thursday (Lab Days)

9-12 Wednesday & Fridays (Lecture)

Clinicals start towards end of semester.

Remember to let everyone in your class know of the Yahoo Groups site for MGCCC Nursing students!!


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Thanks. I saw that looks like it could be a big help.


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I graduated the lpn course at the Jackson county campus this past July. It took a load of commitment but I did well, 3.7 GPA. It was not a piece of cake but it can be done. I took NCLEX yesterday and I am scared to death. Major test anxiety, it usually hampers my preformance.

Hey....just joined and saw this post......I hope to be starting in January if the program isn't full yet. I have to take my NET tomorrow actually. I'm taking A & P 1 right now and a few other classes. I'm starting the RN program. Is there anyone else starting this January or hoping to?


My friend and I both go to the JD campus. She's a prospective student for Spring '06, and I'm a prospective for Fall '06... , but my major concern was the rumor that was going around about those applicants for the Spring... saying, that some of them will be bumped off the list due to those who dropped out this Fall '05 bec. of Hurricane Katrina. Will this cause a domino effect? I'd appreciate the information, if anyone knows anything.


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For you guys who are get into MGCCC why don't you just apply for USM and get the BSN. Apparently a lot of people think that since the campus was damaged that the school has closed shop. Well that is clearly not the case I am in the program now ( I should be studying as we speak) but the last I heard (from the faculty) they had only 11 students to apply for the fall 06 program and they have 40 seats available. Just thought I would pass on the information for those that are waiting


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I just finished in December, 2005. I am currently doing interviews.


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I made it in to the ADN program at MGCCC JD. !!!!!!!!! :balloons:

I start August,2006........ :balloons:

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I am currently starting my last few pre-reqs for nursing school at the Jackson County Campus. I am still living in Jackson, MS right now, but will be moving to Ocean Springs sometime this summer. Any advice from anyone taking their on-line courses? I also have a full time job right now at UMC in human resources, but will not be working at all once I move. Any responses will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kim:uhoh3:

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