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caregiver for my elderly grandmother and hoping to

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  1. newns05

    Hospitals near Columbus, MS

    There is a hospital in Columbus called Baptist Memorial Golden Triangle. I used to work there on the med - surg unit as a CNA about 2 years ago and I had my daughter there. The hospital is not very small, in fact, they are adding on to the facility. I heard that lpn's can make about $17 hrly. I am an lpn and I am thinking of moving back to the area. I have lived in Ocean Springs for the past two years. They also have a web site. Hope this helps.
  2. newns05

    doesn't like being a cna

    I was a CNA for eight years before I became an LPN in november of last year. I don't believe that being a CNA before you become a nurse makes you better at being a nurse but it can be comforting knowing that you can handle a person in a situation that can be very embarrasing for you and the patient. After so many opportunities to help a person with the personal care that many people would only consider giving to themselves you can be at ease with that part of you job and put you mind on what matters in a nursing perspective. It took me along time to overcome being embarrased by a naked stranger now I can handle anything that comes my way and I can adapt to a dirty situation.
  3. newns05


    I took mine 10-11-05 I don't even know where mine cut off but I know it was around 80. I freaked out and went home sick and had to go to bed. I was so depressed. I recomend this before you take your test take a time out before you start and calm down. Remember Maslow. I had alot of safety and implementation and very little knowledge questions. When you study, read rationals and refer to every book you have to help you understand why an answer is right or why you got it wrong. Physically put yourself in the situation and it may be alittle more clear what the answer is, leave out 'what if '. I found out on the ms board of ns website 11-14-05 that I passed.
  4. newns05

    Could really use some input....

    Don't wonder what it might be like. Nursing and the road to becoming one is hard but fun. There are so many opportunities as a nurse to find a spot to settle down, love your job and make good money too. I pined away at that chance and last tuesday I became an lpn after being a cna and alittle of everything else for 8 years. If this is your dream you won't regret it in the long run.
  5. newns05

    When does it all start to come together?

    for alot of people in my lpn class it starts to click somewhere in the second semester. Learn your A&P, remember Maslow's needs, put yourself in the situation with nclex questions, use as many books as you can stand. I used these tips to get a 3.7 GPA. good luck
  6. newns05

    Im Pretty Sure I Failed Again.

    I took the pn exam last tuesday and I felt like you do. I had very good grades in school by the anxiety got to me. If you have to take it yet again, practice different nclex books, real your rationals and try to stay calm. Above all good luck. Check the ms board of nursing web site on the license status check inquiry, enter the info, & if you come up with a title and a number you passed. I found out 3 days after my test.
  7. I graduated the lpn course at the Jackson county campus this past July. It took a load of commitment but I did well, 3.7 GPA. It was not a piece of cake but it can be done. I took NCLEX yesterday and I am scared to death. Major test anxiety, it usually hampers my preformance.
  8. newns05

    ? about Van Cleave

    I live in ocean springs ms about 15 min from Vancleave. Every thing seems to be in place with minimal damage. I have not heard of any fatalities from the area. I have friends that live in off of Poticaw at Rouses Marina and Clearwater Camp and they say things are o.k. I also have family at Plantation Rd and they say they did well also. I hope your family is o.k.