Anybody work for Genesis healthcare in New jersey?


Anybody work for Genesis health care in New Jersey (any input on the one in Morristown, NJ would be great) How is the training and the facility etc...


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I did not like it!


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It all depends on the managment- stay away from the one in burlington,nj. The administrator was a RN who lost her nursing licensed. brought her partner in crime in to be the DON, they have a revolving door for RN's even their long time RN managers with MSN's


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My cousin has been with them for awhile. She is a clinical nursing manager at this time. My coz is a diploma nurse who recently recd her BSN. Has a lot of positive things to say...but then again, as a former sub teacher in Trenton, all I could say depends greatly upon which school you are in as a sub in the can have a great time or well, a lousy day where you wished you turned down the offer to substitute. She doesn't bean count. Her job takes her out on the road a lot. She doesn't have too many bad things to say.


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i got injured by the don best friend at the one in burlington.... please if you value your limbs. dont work for the one in burlington... i was treated very unfairly and i wouldnt send my worst enemy there!


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Hey, is Genesis Healthcare a hospital? I'm only familiar with the LTC. Is it like CareOne?

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Genesis HealthCare offers ong term care services, short stay care, transitional care services, rehab services and specialty services --- licensed as skilled nursing facilities.

As with any large corporation with mutiple locations in many states, quality of management will vary. In the Mid Atlantic region, they along with Manor Care PA and Care One in NJ are largest SNF providers.