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  1. What do you think of this ?

    Runforfun is exactly right, and is the basis for my decision. Yes, there was a larger issue behind the post...it had to do with the transfer of a non-nursing course....which I was advised about at the very last minute. I would not have made such a fu...
  2. I am reading my syllabus correctly???!!!??? Foley Cath's

    If there was only a way to "like" this post .). Can someone show me where the chastity belts are kept?
  3. What do you think of this ?

    I am literally 'on' and now 'off' my third nursing school, and I am contemplating not returning to get my RN at all. I didn't flunk out. I left my previous school with a 3.14 GPA with 4 nursing classes underneath my belt: B+, B, B+, and B-. I left my...
  4. I attempted to apply there for Spring 2012. I was not pleased with the lack of professionalism from La Salle. In fact, it was way to the extent that I will never consider applying there again. For anything. I carried a 3.14 GPA, and while I was well ...
  5. Anybody work for Genesis healthcare in New jersey?

    My cousin has been with them for awhile. She is a clinical nursing manager at this time. My coz is a diploma nurse who recently recd her BSN. Has a lot of positive things to say...but then again, as a former sub teacher in Trenton, all I could say wa...
  6. I give up!

    Keep on going...we are all pulling for you. It is the same for everything. Just to let you know, I used to be a teacher....back in the day of the so-called teacher shortage...sent about 100 or so odd applications for teaching jobs in NJ...I understan...
  7. La Salle Achieve Spring 2012?

    Caitlin, I just sent you an email.
  8. Please advise how the School of Nursing is run. Is clinical lab beneficial? Where are clinicals done?
  9. La Salle Achieve Spring 2012?

    Please contact me privately.
  10. What career did you have before nursing?

    Retail; Teacher: licensed and taught in: PA, NJ, and NC; currently an insurance agent. Volunteered with: Monmouth County Park System, Hamilton Hospital...this is going way back...and also volunteered a CentraState Medical Center. Working on RN at 42 ...
  11. I would have graduated from nursing school this semester if I hadn't voluntarily left last spring. My reasons for doing so were twofold. First, it was becoming difficult for me to maintain a decent GPA while working full time....the schedule for the ...
  12. I am not a nurse. I am a sitting on the fence sometimes student nurse. Had several occasions in regards to physicians and my healthcare and in regards to nursing schools this past spring, summer and early fall to make me question my own sanity about ...
  13. If you know someone is going to be fired - do you tell?

    Putting it to you this way: don't get involved if you can. Usually a person can pick up the vibe and know they are going to get fired.
  14. Nursing hours

    I have taught in PA, NJ, and NC....grades 1-3. It wasn't the kids, it wasn't the work, it wasn't the parents, but the administration that made me leave education. My last position as a teacher was in an urban charter school. This school eventually wo...
  15. Nurse market saturation 2015 and beyond ?

    To add to the above....any field you are in or if you are considering entering when you leave college requires a lot of savvy...heed the advice of Jenni811 and Loque.