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Anybody here??


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I am looking to connect with other triage nurses. This board is so inactive, i am hoping to get it going again! I think it's so important to support each other, especially since we can barely talk to each other at work. I have been having a hard time with the stress of this job. Anyone else??

I was considering applying for some jobs in telephone triage. Can you give me more information on what your typical shift looks like? Do you enjoy your job? The part time hours are tempting and I need a change from bedside nursing.

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I guess not! Even after over 200 viewings of this post. Ok. Moving on...And i don;t mean you La La.


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I am a a float nurse for a primary care group and often do phone triage- it's not my main gig, but depending on the office Im in, I can do a lot of it. How long have you been at your current job?

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Just started a telephone triage job at a call center that services several medical practices in my health system. We work from home, which is wonderful. It certainly can be stressful though. I feel I am learning a new way to "see" my patients. I too hope this board becomes a bit more active. Would love to hear from other telephone triage nurses. :yes:

I have never done telephone triage before, but I'm looking for a part-time work from home job. I'm planning to start FNP school in the fall and need to work 2 days per week if possible. Any advise on how to obtain work?? I've been looking online, but most jobs that I see are full-time or night shift :(

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I don't work from home, so I'm sorry I don't have advice on your question.

Most stressful part of phone triage for me is when people will not listen to you in urgent/emergent situations. Like when you tell them they need an ambulance, then they hang up and show up at the clinic where you then re-assess the situation and end up calling an ambulance. The patient has then lost time for when they should've been getting treatment at the appropriate level of care.

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It is definitely hard to get people to listen to us. It amazes me how they call us for help, then ignore what we tell them. I am trying my best to focus on the positive aspects of the job and to try and be more patient. It amazes me how much teaching I have to do for basic things.

I would love to connect with others doing this too! I work for a busy practice triaging for over 80+ providers in family practice and internal med, then add 20 more peds providers that I do on the weekends. You just never know who is going to be on other side of that phone. At least i can work in my pjs :)

I know that this post is old, but hopefully you are still following. I too am a triage nurse. I work from home. I too am VERY frustrated and fed up with my job. Not trying to sound too negative on here, but I have been an LPN for over 10 years. I recently graduated from RN school and am considering doing this part time, and something else full time due

to burn out.

Would love to know who you are working for BatcampRN. I am starting grad school in the fall. Hoping to still work at my primary care job, but it's m-f 8-5. Im thinking phone triage from home might give me a little more flexibility, especially once clinicals start.