Any Tips for New Grads Seeking Employment ?

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I am a recent grad from an LPN program. I expect to pass my NCLEX by labor day.

What are some tips for finding a "New Grads Welcome" position in this crappy economy?

Thanks for your answers!:nuke:


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Apply to every job that piques your interest. Go to every and any interview you are offered. If you can, offer to work any shift they have available. Take the pay they offer you. Unfortunately now is not the time to get picky with salary. Good luck.


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I'm sure you know this but you only get one chance to make a first impression. Apply for jobs you might enjoy. Dress for sucess at all of your interviews. Network with friends and family.Good luck.

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Don't be picky. More than likely, you will probably not end up having your "dream job." Consider it good experience and as a "stepping stone" to other jobs.


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Economy good or bad - sometimes you just have to take what you can get. Taking horrible jobs can give you some great experience and infact you will also meet a few great people along the way. This will help you move toward the better jobs. It isn't just the experience it is also networking.


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I appreciate any advice, as a new grad, but it seems that some do not realize the extent of the underwhelming response the nursing profession is showing towards the most recent group of graduates.

I've applied to over a hundred positions in every type of facility imaginable withing 1.5 hours of where I live. I've had 2 interviews and was not hired for either. I've sent cover letters with most of my applications, I've sent applications via USPS, online, and phone calls to managers.

I am not picky by any means, so that is not the problem. It is hard to make an impression in an interview when you are batting .002% in even getting an interview, and I think my impression via letter/email/voicemail is professional and polite, so I'm not sure where else to turn or what I might be doing wrong.


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Right now it's really hard, this economy. I know that there's not any advice that's really helpful. Just be persistent, and you'll find something. Also, at the facility where I work, we get resumes that have declarations of only wanting day shift, M-F, no weekends or holidays. We don't even bother to call them. Also, for every position we have, we interview 5-10 nurses, and generally 4-5 of those stand out, but we only have 1 or 2 positions. I don't know how long this recession is going to go on, but hang in there and keep trying. Eventually, things will turn around and there will be plenty to go around. I know that right now, our census is so low, that many days, I get called off. Thank goodness I have the PTO hours to cover, but many of my coworkers don't. Just hang in there, it will happen.


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Thanks, I guess I assume sometimes that everyone is doing the same things I am, and its hard to even imagine why some would limit themselves by being picky about shifts, etc. Maybe that is a requirement for some that they can't avoid for whatever reason.

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