Any Sorority Girls Out There??

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  • by KK7724
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Just curious as to how many people would reply to this thread.....

I'm a ZTA. :roll


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Alpha Kappa Alpha :D


Nurse Izzy

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Sigma Sigma Sigma at Presbyterian College when I got my first degree (German/International Trade).

KK7724 - are you a ZTA at South Alabama?

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AOTT, but not at my current school! No sororities there.


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Phi Mu!

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Alpha Epsilon Phi!!!

I was pres. of a local sorority, Kappa Delta Kappa, when I went to college for my first degree (biology).


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I was a Pi Beta Phi at Univ of Tennessee....:)


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I was at my old college, but for the life of me can't remember the name of it. That was 10 years ago. Very memorable experience as you can tell...



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I was Sigma Alpha (Agricultural Sorority) at PSU.


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Do any of you guys still talk to any of your old sorority sisters?? What are each of your sorority symbols/colors??? Our colors are turqoise and gray. Our symbols are a 5 point crown and strawberries- :)

I am a Delta Xi Omega(DZO) a local sorority at The University at Buffalo. Our colors are Kelly green, silver and violet. Flower is the iris. We don't have a mascot.

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