Any PCT's working full time while going to nursing school


I just started my job as a patient care tech and I am full time employee. My worry is that I begin a ADN program this summer, and I know we will have to be at school three days of the week. I just wanted to know if there are any other pct's or anyone else that has a full time job and is currently in nursing school. If so how do you cope with it? Because right now I'm afraid that it may be impossible.

Thank you for your help!

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I'm 2nd year ADN Student. The 1 girl I know that was doing it just quit, they wouldn't scale her hours back.

24 hours a week doable. 36-40 will be tough.


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thank u for the advice!

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I'm in my 3rd almost 4th semester in a part time ADN program. I have school two nights a week plus make time to go to the SIM lab to test off on skills. I also have 4 school aged children. I recently got hired at a Rehab facility as an RNT (Rehab Nurse Tech) but I will be working 32 hours a week, night shift. That way I can sleep while the kids are in school and then go to class my two nights. I hope I can do it. I think u can do anything you put your mind to, just make sure you have plenty of time to study for school!


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Thank you! I think you can do it to, its just time management is something that I am continously working on...but it sounds like you have a good plan set up for your new job!

I'm in my 3rd of a 5 semester adn program. I work 36 hours a week as a PCT at a hospital and I get floated to every department in the hospital.

It is tough tough tough, but the 12 hours days help because I can get all my hours in 3 days.

Sometimes I wish I had more time to study but other times I'm really glad for the opportunity to see how diseases and surgeries play out.

If I had a family, I would NOT be able to do what I am doing. NO way.


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Hello. I am a PCT in my first semester of ADN program and work 3-12hr shifts on the weekend nights. I have found it extremely difficult. I am trying to get my hours cut back to 24, but it has taken a month already for it to happen. I would recommend part time and if you do, tell them well ahead of time at work. Student loans are helpful for the extra money you may need. I am pulling my hair out....It has helped with getting familiar with interacting with clients and practicing skills and I wouldn't trade that for anything. Hope it works out for you. Don't give up if you start getting worn out. Talk to your instructors and counselor. They have helped me a great deal and there have been a lot of tears shed. Remember your classmates will be going through the same thing and you are not alone. Information overload will happen. I recommend learning how to take nursing tests. They are completely different from the tests you have taken in the past. All about application and the nursing process.... Hope this helps. It is tough but worth it.


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Hi there,

I am a full time 36 hr/wk employee and a full time ADRN student as well. ( I know loans help pay for school, but they wont pay my mortgage...and no home equity loans please) I work four eves a week and I have school and clinical monday through friday in the daytime. Like others have said, it is hard, but do-able... I haven't watched TV since september, most of my shows are on DVR or I will catch up on demand over break. I only have two weeks left of the first semester...yeah! If I can do it , you can do it!:)

Good luck! Lyn


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Second year nursing student working full time as a psych tech. Night shift. Thankfully there are often quiet nights where I can get some studying done while my patients are sleeping.

There were several PCT's in my evening/weekend program nursing class at CC. Most worked full-time and many also had families. In fact, most of those in my class worked full-time: In my case, I actually averaged nearly 60 hours per week throughout school, though in a non-healthcare-related job.

If you can handle it - and it is tough but obviously doable - working as a PCT while in school can be one of the best things you can do. Nearly all of my classmates who worked as PCT's or CNA's while in nursing school were hired as RN's once they passed the NCLEX. Most of us who worked at other jobs are still hunting for nursing jobs more than 2 years after becoming RN's.


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Thank you all for your advice! I appreciate it!


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I work 40 hours a week as a PCA and I am a full-time nursing student (ADN). I have a year left. I'm still alive and carrying a 3.8 in school. It's definitely doable if you are a hard worker, do not procrastinate, and are willing to sacrifice some family/friend time. I wouldn't trade it for the world - my experience has been invaluable.