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Does anyone know of any good "Healthy" and not "Sarcastic" (mean, making fun of elderly... nursing... even MDs) nursing jokes / Cartoons on the web. i.e. encouraging and inspiring to the nurses and other staff in general. Thanks.




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What do you call a child who vomits all the time?

GI Joe ofcourse.



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But, I guess that's not what you're looking for if it's not supposed to be sarcastic. The funniest part of it is that it's usually true at some point or other in your career.


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I like the nursetoons, too. And it is a little sarcastic, but always makes me laugh. But it is spelt's the link:

There are a lot a toons on the site, so check it out and so what you think!! :)

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I'm sure you've seen the nursing humor here on, but just in case you have not, here is the link to hundreds of nursing humor postings:

Have a good weekend!


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I got one on my site that we dedicated to our nursing school. Its kind a funny

click nursing comics link


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I love nurstoon. When his hospital in Flint, Michigan was on strike, Carl (nurstoon himself) did some hilarious cartoons related to their fight. Nurses at my hospital were also in a labor dispute at that time & a strike was threatened. Carl made up several cartoons specifically just for it. They were plastered all over our bulletin boards in hospital hallways in the weeks leading up to the strike and really got the message across. Our strike was called off when the hospital came to its senses before the start date & settled the contract but I kept the cartoons for next time!

Thanks again, Carl.

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Hi Perry,

Here's a good one :D

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