Any 2nd years not looking forward to going back?

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So looking back to last summer... I was proud my hard work had earned me a spot in the program, realistic about the difficulty ahead, yet excited to finally be on the road to a nursing career. My first year of nursing school was every bit as grueling as I imagined and more. At times it seemed overwhelmingly difficult and I can't count how many times I wanted to just turn around and walk away. It didn't take long before I resolved to myself that there was no way I would quit the program. I vowed to do my best and let the chips fall where they may. So I survived, week after week, exam after exam, skill after skill. In the midst of all the difficulty I also experienced moments of success: in the classroom, in the lab, in the clinical setting. Those moments made it all worthwhile and helped carry me. In May I participated in orientation for the new students and marvelled that a year had already passed. My first two weeks of summer vacation I resisted the urge to pick up a nursing text. Studying was so ingrained in me I almost couldn't readjust myself to normal life. I was actually amazed the day I realized I'd gone almost a week without even thinking about picking up a textbook. I began to marvel in freedom and life. Weddings and birthdays and vacations and actually spending an entire day shopping... I've read frivolous fiction and planted flowers and visited friends and walked dogs and spent time with kids. And I've seen that it is all glorious :chuckle

Then I thought about returning to school for fall semester... :crying2: Lord give me strength.

Anyone relate?


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I am not looking forward to going back, but I am looking forward to being done and actually taken sorta seriously by the "real" nurses for a change. :chuckle


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I can fully fact, I dread it. Altho I love nursing, the stress of it all is over whelming just thinking about it!

And I heard the 3rd semester is the "worst"....ugh.

You are definately NOT alone! :uhoh3:

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I'm the complete opposite. This summer is just going way too slowly for me (externship notwithstanding) and I'm very anxious to get back to class. I just want to get the next ten months over with and get on with my life. My entire life, both professionally and personally, are kind of in a limbo state until graduation, and I'm finding it very unsettling.

Not to mention, I'm looking forward to getting back to class so I can see the instructor I have a crush on. ;)

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I have very mixed feelings about returning. This is the last semester that I get to rest in the cacoon, without the responsibility of being "the nurse". Even that is short-lived. Our preceptorship begins the first of November when I will begin taking on the role of "the nurse". It's scary and exciting. Part of me wants to stop the train and another part of me wants to go full speed ahead. When I graduate, I'll be saying goodbye to this neck of the woods where I married, divorced, gave birth to children and buried my mom; moving a thousand miles away to my new future as an RN. It's all good but oh my, big big changes ahead.


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Not to mention, I'm looking forward to getting back to class so I can see the instructor I have a crush on. ;)

:flowersfo :redbeathe :1luvu: :heartbeat

Fortunately, that hasn't been a problem for me but there are some attractive students. :chuckle


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I am the opposite also I am looking forward to going back. Why? B/c I feel like I am ready to get this done with I am even motivated than I was last year at this time. I am so ready to get back into it and graduate on May 20,2006. I have been working as a tech at the hospital and I feel this motivates me to suceed even more b/c I want to be the "R.N" and I am getting so tired of the RN's and everyone else treating the techs and cna's like their slaves. 3rd sem. from what I have heard is very hard so I am trying to make like more easier for me by Aug. and I will also will be taking Chemistry. I am looking forward but also know it will be challenging too.

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:flowersfo :redbeathe :1luvu: :heartbeat

Fortunately, that hasn't been a problem for me but there are some attractive students. :chuckle

Lol, our pharm instructor looks and sounds just like Keanu Reeves. Every class during break he has a little gaggle of girls (and a couple guys) up by the podium, eyelashes a-battin'


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I want to go back very much. I can't stand this feeling like I should be doing something all the time! I have had a week and some change off between jobs and I am going a little nuts! Reading and sewing and working in the garden but then...thats all! After dinner...dishes and no studying! In the morning, just the paper and no studying! :) I have been doing NCLEX questions out of boredom.

I love this downtime to a point (its nice to watch regis and kelly again lol), and when I get going with my new job three days a week I will be a bit busier but really I am used to school-work-dinner-girlscouts-appts-etc etc. THis slower pace is weird to me!

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I am in the final couple of weeks of summer school. :uhoh3:

Getting a few classes out of the way for my bachelor's degree.

But, despite this, I am very excited that this is my final year in this dreaded program :rotfl:

I had to repeat my 2nd semester of 1st year :crying2: , so I am really ready for it to be over!

Though I heard this year is much more relaxed. I heard that if I survived 2nd semester, the rest is simpler! :rolleyes:

Bring it on!!! I can't wait to be an RN!!! being a CNA sucks! :angryfire

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I have mixed feeling about returning in September. This summer I completed Sociology and I'm still taking Microbiology. Micro is a very stressful course for me and I am amazed with the amount of study hours I have put into this course (unfortunately, my present grade is not reflecting it.) Many students from my Nursing class are in my Micro course, so we see each other several times per week.

I will have from July 29th through September 6th off. Of course, we have summer work and reading to focus on. I know that month will fly by...


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I do want to go me crazy! the summer, basically, has gone fast; I'm done with a 10-week externship a week from Friday (on the 22nd), so in that case it has flown. It was SOOO hard re-adjusting to non-study life; the 1st Saturday after finals, I had just no idea what in the world to do with myself...the 1st week after that! (I had a week off btwn school and the externship). I was SOOO bored! (I shouldn't have been, as i'm also in the midst of wedding planning!) (which I've been lazy doing that! Have had all summer to figure out a photographer, and have yet to do it!)

I just want to be done. My fiance is studying for his medicine boards, which are in the end of Aug, so when he's studying nephrology, (or whatever), I'm reviewing Nclex questions on that area of medicine. Trying to keep up on the patho and stuff of it all.

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