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Hi everyone,

For an article that I am writing, on immigration/emigration of nurses to other nations, I would like to hear personal experiences of Filipino nurses in the US, or UK, or wherever you have gone abroad to work. I am particularly interested in:

1) why you went to work abroad

2) If you have been treated fairly, such as receiving the same pay as other nurses, or if the job was what was promised to you.

3) if you are planning on returning home.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone wants to share his or her experiences. You can post on this board or pm me. I don't need to use your real name for the article.



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filipino here, both parents are nurses and relatives are nurses.

so its destiny for me.

Kumusta naman mo diha? Paano kayo nag celebrate ng Valentines?

Mabuhay tayong mga Filipino!!!


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Hello Pangit and Company ;)

I just wanted to say hi. Nothing much going around here, aside from the rain that wont stop...Anyways, I am glad that there's alot of Filipinos writing stuff in here.

Is there anybody here that knows any nursing magnet hospital in san francisco area

(aside from UCSF med), kase I am looking for an Internship program in san francisco, that hopefully I could start in summer of 2004. Also, do you guys know of such company that trains RN for teeth laser bleaching procedures, or do I have to be trained by the Dentist for that procedure. Anyways, if you guys know of any such me out ok? thank you po.



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Hoy pangit,

Ganong katagal ka nang nurse? at saang field ka nagtatrabaho?


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mga 'pre ang suwerte nyo naman nandyan na kayo, nakaka-inggit naman. Dito pa ako sa pinas nagsusumikap maabot ang narating nyo. Baka puede nyo naman ibulong sa akin ang mga sekreto nyo? hanggang pangarap nalang muna ako.

Juliusrn... me too. I'm still here in the Philippines. Still waiting for my papers. Kaw? Do you have plans on going to the land of milk & honey? :)


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Hello everyone!

Kamusta na kayong lahat. Hugs!


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hi all,

my cousing, agnes, is a filipina nurse in olongapo, and she is trying to get information on how she can work over here. can any of you give us some advice? her email is [email protected] and mine is [email protected]. any help would be appreciated.


ken mofford


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Hello everyone (musta na sa mga pangit at mga magaganda), Just wanted to drop by and greet all the Filipino nurses dito sa thread na 'to. How's everyone doin? I'm a new nurse here in Southern Cali. Heto, nasunog ko na naman ulit ang saing ko! (hehehehe!) Take care mga kababayan! :coollook:


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Hi to everybody!

I am a registered nurse but not working as one. I am still here in the Philippines. Take care mga kababayans!


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maganda araw sa inyong lahat, bago lang ako dito...second courser male student nurse :)

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