Any Colorado Springs Nurses out there

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Just a hello from Colorado Springs Colorado trying to network a little. Beeen in Colorado Springs some 15 years.


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Specializes in OB, Telephone Triage, Chart Review/Code.

Hi John...I used to work at Memorial in the ER back in the early 80's. I live in NC now, and haven't been to the Springs since 1982. I loved working at Memorial!

J. B.

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Hello and thanks for the comeback. I have been here since 1988 so I guess I wasnt working here when you left. If you have a chance you can check out my web page. My wife works in the ICU at Memorial and loves it there much better than Penrose System.

I always thought SC would be nice but havent ever actually been in the State.

1982 boy that was close to when I graduated (Dec 1979)

When you check out my web page you wil see I own a couple of business. I am working toward having Barb not having to work and of course That includes me too. Funny how I must have Barb free first.

ER Memorial Man that is a busy ER. the busiest ER in the State I ma Told More Addmittions than any other in the state. I ahve bben in close contact in the past being the Southern Colorad Hospital Development Corrdinator for DOnor Alliance (Colorado's Organ Procourment Agency). I was their representative for 5+years.

Drop me some names and if you wnat I can give them your email address if you wnat to reconnect, or at least try.


I'm finishing up my BSN in Wisconsin right now and have been looking at moving out to Colorado when I graduate next December. Do you know anything about the University of Colorado - Colorado Springs and their graduate programs? Sounds intriguing....


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Here's a link to the UCCS - Beth-El College of Nursing programs in Colorado Springs.

UCCS - Beth-El College of Nursing

Thanks for the link!

I was wondering if anyone had heard anything good or bad about this school/professors/students, etc. Has anyone worked with students from this school? Heard any rumors? Thanks again!


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Hi Everyone,

I'm in springs...going to the area. Graduate in May with a BSN!!!!

J. B.

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Welcome and Colorado Springs sure is a wownderful place to live . Been here since 1988 moved her from California where I met my wife. My web site will tell you who and what I do here.



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you wouldn't happen to know of any architectual engineering jobs that might pick up my bf as an apprentice or something while he is going to college at pikes peak would you??? maybe even one who would pay for his college if he agrees to hire on after graduation??

J. B.

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have anyone in mind at this time.

Wish I could referr you to someone. Perhaps the university it self her might be a source of referral. there are often companies and employeers looking for good prospects. Thats is where I would look first now that I have thought on it a little.

Take Care



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Hi! I am currently going to school at Beth-El school of nursing in Colorado springs..if anyone has any questions..let me know!! :wavery:


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I am looking for some advice from any nurses currently working in Colorado Springs. I am currently a nursing student in TN and I am looking to relocate to the Springs upon graduation in December. How is the job market in the area, especially for new graduates? Are there any facilities that offer a loan payback program? How do you guys like living in Colorado Springs?

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