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Oh my goodness, I took the NCLEX this morning and feel like I did horrible, I only had 75 questions and the computer shut off, i coulnt believe it I felt like I should have had more questions. I though all the questions were difficult and all I had were priority questions, and who would you assess or call first. I only had 1 math question which I thought I would have more of because it was easy and I only had one that I was suppose to select from a list. I studied so much but came out feeling so bummed. Anyone else only have 75, felt horrible and passed?

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The good news is, you very likely passed. :p

I remember feeling the same way you do, I wasn't done 'proving' myself!! I walked around for the next 10 days completely freaked out, but of course I passed, as most people do who get the minimum # of questions.

Hope this helps a little. :)


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I have probably passed! :) Congragulations! I took the minimum on both LPN and RN and left feeling horrible. I think that is just a natural reaction!


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Don't worry yourself....I did the same thing a week and a half ago...i had 75 questions and felt like a total dummy when I left out of the room. I passed though. I'm sure you passed.

Good Luck

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