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answering call lights in a reasonable time

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We have identified a problem in which residents call lights are not being answered in a reasonable amount of time.

Do any of you use "walkie talkies" or other products to assist in your faciility? We are looking at trying walkie talkies but would like to hear what others have tried and whether they worked or didn't worked. What brand worked or those that did not work?


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we have phones. it will ring to the aids first and then the RN. pretty awesome, but you would have to have a lot of stuff installed first!


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Our CNAs carry beepers. If a call bell goes off, they get beeped. If the light isn't shut off (answered) in a minute or two, the call goes to the nurses' station computer. Not a fool proof system. Only way to solve the problem is to have EVERYONE answer lights.

We use the vocera system (vocera.com). They're expensive, and great when they work but not when they malfunction!

having the help to do it might be nice,,,,......

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I work in a hospital, and all nurses carry spectralink phones. With my AxOx3 patients I put my phone extension on their dry erase board if they need anything.

#1 this gives them a sense of power - if they can ring me they don't feel helpless waiting for their call light to be answered.

And in general they don't ring me.

But if they do need help going to the bathroom and I can't find the aide nearby I'll be right in.

Or if I'm with another patient I tell them I'll be in there as soon as I'm done.

It's about changing perceptions that they're being ignored or no one cares.


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Our staff wear beepers. When the call light goes off, it beeps the CNA. If it's not answered, it also beeps the CMA. If not answered, it also beeps the charge nurse. HEAVEN HELP if it's not answered , it also beeps the DON and administrator. Staff DOES NOT want it going to the DON!! We really do have quick responses and also, when residents or their families complain about a long wait, we can print off the response times to show them.

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how can you answer every call within 2 minutes? we have a computer tracking calls and how long it takes for us to answer- depending on the time of day and whats going on- we answer right away- and anyone can answer- rec therapist, PT, OT, even our cleaning staff is known to answer call bells- its all a matter of caring- if you care you will answer them- but at night when minimum staff is on and they are busy with someone else...it can take up to 5 minutes. If patients complain they get shown the computers list.

As a former patient I know how important answering bells are

there is a great article from medscape that I handed out once at an inservice


this is from 02/18/2008 and was well received by my nurses.

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