Another reason to take clinicals and preceptorships seriously

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So I had a super cool moment recently.

I ran into my former nursing professor. After some chit chat, she told me that there is now an extensive number of ICU/CCU preceptorship spots available to the ADN program... because of me.

Say whaaat?

At the time I was doing my preceptorship, there was only one critical care slot available. The manager of the facility was skeptical that ADN students could handle this particular unit which handled post-open heart surgery patients, ECMO, LVADs etc. etc. The spot was given to me and, unbeknownst to me, my performance changed the manager's mind.

And to think all I cared about at the time was surviving, not killing anyone and hopefully get a job!

(And, yes, I did get a job. I now work in the ICU.)

So as corny as it may sound, you are not only representing yourself but also your school. You never know what doors open and close because of what you do in your clinical rotations and preceptorships, both for you and for others.

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There are always trailblazers in nursing...some as grand as our historians, some who allow the opportunities in the trenches to build into something more for the future.

Way to go trailblazer!!!! :up::up::up::up:

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you must have wowed them. That's great

This is great. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing this. I am glad that your school professors are so supportive. I feel like I am always by myself during clinicals and my school is practically hands off after they place you at the hospital. I hope my next semester is a better experience.

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I completely agree with this. Quite a few years ago, I interned at a Fire Department near home and was the first non-local Paramedic Intern they'd had, probably EVER. Now they're open to other interns. All because of me.

Especially in your last semester, always treat your clinical experiences as a prolonged on-the-job interview for a job. You never know if you'll end up being offered a job, expand your school's presence, or end up getting recommendation letters that result in you getting a job somewhere simply because of how you were during your clinical experiences. A lot of people have their eyes on you... whether you know it or not!

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That's wonderful news. Way to go :)

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