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Hi All,

I am a recent member of and thus far consider it my savior. Everyone has been extremely informative in the posts I have read. My number one question right now is with regard to EC exams 3-7. I currently reside in California and due to life's changes will be moving to the East coast within the next 6 months, thus I am able to once again look at EC at a viable option for my RN. That being said I have completed my LVN/LPN boards three days ago and sounds like I will be waiting for my test results from anywhere to 60-90 days. Through community colleges in the past two years I have completed all of the prereqs listed on EC's website to be eligible for my ADN. I contacted EC and they stated until I have my license they cannot accept me as an enrolled student. So here's my question. Is there anything I can do while I wait? I would like to begin studying for these exams if at all possible but don't know where to start without having some sort of guide. I ordered Lisa's guides from eBay but don't really have anything to correlate them with. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!!


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The curriculum is no longer made up of the "nursing concept" exams -- they've change the curriculum a bit, including changing the exam names and breaking them up a bit differently. Have you taken the first nursing exam already? If so, I hope you took the "Essentials of Nursing Care: Health Safety" exam, and not NC1. If you haven't taken it yet, you can take it before enrolling. Other than that, you'll have to wait to be accepted and enroll to go any further with the EC exams.


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I second Lunah's advice. Also, you can download the study guides, start reading thru them, organize your study schedule, assemble texts, study aids etc.


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I've just got started myself. I am preparing for my first test - the Health Safety exam right now. However, while I was waiting for my official evaluation I did a lot of preparation. I spent time at Allnurses finding out what strategies worked for EC students. I used the interim time to develop the most effective plan to include the least amount of time and money. I set goals for a study and examine taking. In addition, I brushed up on nursing basics like lab values, math calculations, and the nursing models like Maslow, Eriksons, etc. I really think the prep time has paid off because I feel like I know how to proceed daily, I saved hundreds of dollars on books, and I made a 78% on the first Health Safety practice exam without any study for it (I know that is not passing but I did better than I thought I would). . . and now I know where I need to focus to pass the real exam.

I don't know how successful my plans will be but I am modeling them after so many successes that I read about here so I think I'll be okay. I hope this helps and God bless you efforts.


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Go to the EC website,, find the publications page, and download the study guide for the first test. You can study for and take this test prior to being enrolled. Good luck.


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Thank you all so much for your replies and guidance!!!

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