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I have never experienced survey before and even though I seem calm I am freaking out inside! I am a Tx nurse at a long term care facility. I basically learned everything about being a Tx nurse by myself. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE being a Tx nurse I just wish I was trained properly. I would love any tips and suggestions that would help me get through my first survey! Thanks in advance!!

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Know your infection control protocols, ie: handwashing, when to change gloves, don't kneel or sit on the floor (to get to a foot) without putting something down as a barrier. Follow physician orders to the letter

Specializes in Nurse Leader specializing in Labor & Delivery.

Infection control: hand hygiene, handling of dirty instruments, disinfectant surface wet times.

NPSGs: Patient identification, critical value reporting, time-outs before invasive procedures.

These are all things that surveyors are very interested in.

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Knowing the difference between cleaning patient equipment and disinfecting patient equipment. Seems to be a bit of buzz around the phrase "low level disinfection" at facilities in my area, including knowing that visibly soiled equipment must be cleaned before disinfecting even if the same solution is used for both.

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