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Has anyone sat for the certification exam in gerontological nursing? If so, how did you prepare for it, and over what period of time? Do you recommend a particular review course or study guide?

I can't find any info on the ANCC website regarding how this exam is scored. Do you need to answer a certain percentage of questions correctly to pass, or is it simply more right than wrong?

Thanks for your help.


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Is this a master program((NP) or a certification anyone can get as an RN? I was wondering. I am starting on a med/surg geriatrics( medicine )floor and this may be something I pursue in the future... I look forward to the answers you get from your post they may help me in the future as well... Good luck!!


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This is a certification exam open to RNs with active licenses and at least two years of experience. You can find the rest of the eligibility criteria here.

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Anyone who's worked in the field for the required amount of time should be able to pass the test without any review. I took it years ago and didn't find it at all difficult.


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I am begining to review for this exam and am using ANCC Gerontological Nursing Review Book. Not sure when I am going to set a test date.

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I took the exam, and encourage many others to take it. Some with a language barrier found it more difficult, but for the most part it is everything you have been doing in LTC. Provided you are paying attention to your enviornment, you can do it. I studied from a list of quizzes, didnt read a book, although 2 books are avaialble that others are using. One is green and yellow in color, and a few years old, Geriatric Certification Exam Review, and the other is purple in color.. I dont have that title.

There were 175 questions, and 3 hours to complete it.

25 of the questions are 'sample' for the next exam. So the Actual Test is 150 questions.

So each question is worth 3 points.

When you send in an application, you have 3 months to schedule the date after the paperwork is approved.

I sent mine in Sept, but there was a problem with something, and I worked it out, so my 3 month mark started in October, I took the exam end of January.

I practiced by completing 150 questions multiple times, so I had a pool of 500 questions to 'study' from, and I prepped like a neclex. Answer a question, if it is wrong, look up all four of the possible answers, so now I know why the right one is right and the wrong ones are wrong. I didnt read the book. I just drilled and drilled. Otherwise its like reading a book of my life, and I already knew my life, and nothing in it made me say "Oh Wow, no bread is a dysphagia diet." When I knew I could answer 150 questions in 90 minutes, that helped me to relax.

I wont say the test ws easy, because I hate tests, I will say I am not the most studius person, but I scored a 408, which means I got 14 questions wrong. The lowest passing score is 350.(ish) which is like just over 30 questions wrong.

Ok, good luck to everyone thinking about it.:yeah:



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Thank You!

I am going to sit for the exam (the RN, not the Advanced Practice test) March 12. I have been reviewing the purple book from ANCC, the free practice test on the ANCC website, and I purchased the $99 150 sample questions. So far, so good. Still reviewing types of statistical results (validity, reliability, sensitivity), common conditions such as CHP, COPD; types of BP medication, renal functioning, diets.

Any suggestions?

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If you have been in geriatrics, then you should be fine. Its what we do everyday, working in this population, and being prepared for every contingency that applies to geriatrics. there were a few questions on culture change and enviornmental factors affecting the overall wellbeing of a person, but it looks like you have a pretty comprehensive study program already! Good luck!

Thank you! I will post after the test and let you know how it went.


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hello sitcom nurse,

I just took my exam yesterday 9/26/15,read all some topics from the ancc book. I wanted to reschedule but it was to late. So I go to take the exam at the Prometric Center at 1 Plaza in Manhattan. I completed within 2hrs. I felt good but a bit nervous only to receive the response I failed score of 303. I'm seeking a booklet with questions Re: to Gerontological Nurse.

Is there any site or booklet I can purchase