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Hey everyone, I will be applying to the 2nd degree nursing program at my local university. They require that all the course be completed before applying, I have to take A&P 1 and two plus nutrition and life span. Since I basically have just the spring semester to complete everything so that I can be admitted for fall, I have to figure out how to take both and A&P 1 AND 2 by the end of spring. Does any one know of any online course that I can take that possibly split of these two courses over 1 semester. Where I could take and AP 1 in the first part and then AP 2 in the second part. Thank you all so much!!!

To the extent of my knowledge, I do not believe that any University or Community college splits A&P 1 and A&P 2 into one semester. The amount of information you learn is incredibly large and I would find it almost impossible for that to be done all in 16 weeks. For example: anatomical places, body cavities, body regions, axial skeleton, appendicular skeleton (lower and upper extremities) cellular level, tissues level, organ level & organ system level directional terms plus the systems is everything I learned in A&P 1 and then some. Your best bet would be to see if your local University offers summer classes, which most do, and to see if they offer a&p 2 in the summer so you can have both done before the fall! Good luck!

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There are schools that offer accelerated A&P1 and 2 in a single semester by it's not common practice. It is already a packed course with lab. If you find one that your nursing program will accept, be ready to work.

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I learn something new everyday! ^ I didn't know that, but I can't image doing both in one semester! Good luck again ☺️


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Can you take A&P 2 over the summer? I took micro over the summer, and it was fast but good.


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perhaps you can take spring semester courses and also during summer session. That's too much to cram into spring alone.


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Thank you guys so much for taking the time to help me out. After 4 hours of non stop online research, I came across Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, they offer a 4 credit course for each AP course. They give you the option of taking the the traditional 16 week course or you can cram it into 8 weeks which would allow you to take AP 2 in the second half of the semester. Cost per credit our is $115 plus a $900 fee for out of state. So I think this is a great option if you need to get your prereqs done asap.


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My school packs A&P into one semester.... 3 credit hour lecture and 3 credit hour lab. It's a nightmare


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Hey npwatson!

I'm glad you found your solution. I was going to ask if there was a winter session course for your university but online is a great idea!