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anatomy and physiology online course


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Is the online course easier than taking it in class?

Depends on the professor to be honest - that being said, I've always encouraged people to sit through the lecture if they're having trouble with A&P. Having someone there in real-time to explain concepts you're not getting is so valuable - your campus may even have free tutoring services available if you reach out.

If you're going into the health sciences you don't want to push for an 'easy A' in your A&P, Micro etc - these subjects are the backbone of our work. Without a good foundation, whatever you build on top of it will crumble.

I find that most nursing programs only accept A&P courses that were taken in-person. I think having the professor right in front of you is much more beneficial when learning about the hard sciences.

I agree with roasted peanuts. Most nursing schools in my area only accept face to face classes for a & p

I find that most nursing programs only accept A&P courses that were taken in-person. I think having the professor right in front of you is much more beneficial when learning about the hard sciences.

I am saying that this was NOT the case at all for me, so hopefully the OP will do the research far ahead of time in their area. If it helps, I'm in FL and I found most schools I applied to (which were 3, and I was accepted to all 3 with online classes) accepted my courses, and all are ABSN, state school programs that are pretty well respected.

In terms of harder? It depends. For me, the classes were extremely difficult because the professor posted powerpoints that were literally re writing the chapters. Some of my PPT's would be in the 200-300's for one chapter, and we covered two chapters a week. It was extremely unhelpful, so I had to go a bit rogue and teach myself A&P. I did this by using youtube videos, having my husband tutor me (He's a PA, so luckily is very versed in the important parts that I needed to know), reading the book for what I thought was important, and figuring it all out myself.

If I had the choice, I would have loved in-person, but this allowed me to keep working my job and is a big reason why I am able to take a month off before school and attend my program completely debt free.

I had to study pretty hard, and work through the frustration of not having a teacher. I have heard of other great success stories though, so it REALLY depends. I would try and find a student that had the online teacher/took the class and ask them what their experience was. I'm really good with independent study, so be honest with yourself. Not everyone is, and a LOT of people need that face-to-face experience. I really don't know if I could have gotten through it without my husband helping me out. I had a lot of frustrating nights.

Edit: I have to say one of the most frustrating things about taking these classes online was that sometimes the connection would break while taking an exam, and one time I had issues with the testing software, but that can be worked through. You just have to REALLY take ownership when it comes to testing time. One night, the internet went out in my apartment. You don't automatically fail, but the clock did keep running and I was in a huge panic and the test deleted all my answers.

I think my classes were accepted because they had the camera/anti cheating software. I'm aware some programs do not, which I don't think is right.

For me, the choice was simply because it was the ONLY choice if I wanted to keep my job. My community colleges offered the classes only during my working hours, and the uni I ended up taking them online at was the same situation. If I had the luxury, I would choose in person. I feel as if I got a good education, but gosh darn was it difficult to get there. Luckily I had an amazing human bio professor (also online) that helped me solidify a lot of A&P concepts, which I firmly believe helped me do well on the TEAS.

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I took it online. Heck yeah it was easy! Did I learn tons about anatomy? Nope. If you are a self-directed learner, and can pick things up on the fly, but need to "get through" the course, go ahead and take it online. If not, you really should do it in person.

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First thing first is to check whether the school(s) you're applying to accept online classes, especially A&P. Some do, some don't. Where I am, they do...and I have taken all my classes online thus far. If I get into nursing school I will quit working, but so far doing online classes has really been my only option.

Online classes aren't for everybody. It depends on how self motivated you are. But it's do-able, certainly!!

I am in my last week of taking A&P I online, and it is NO joke. I can't imagine that it's easier than an in person course. I spend 15-20 hours weekly on homework and review, and have something due almost daily. One lab that I completed took me about 12 hours total. I have an "A" but it's because I am working for it.

Easy sounds great, but at the end of the day, if you don't have a strong foundation for the program you get into, you aren't likely to be very successful.

My school requires a lab portion with both AP1 and AP2. Check to see if you can fulfill a lab portion, if required, with an online course.

I'm I'm A&P 1 right now, in person. It's a fairly easy class as long as you study. There is a lot of material, but it's not difficult concepts.

I opted to take A&P 2 over the summer as a hybrid course. I will take the lecture part online, and the lab will be in person. This helped tremendously for my scheduling purposes, because i only have to be on campus 1 morning a week.

Is a hybrid class an option for you?


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the school does not require lab. Just lecture portion. The online class anatomy and physiology I and II do not include lab.