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Anatomy books at a Practical Nursing level?


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I just had an interview fora PN program yesterday/ It went really well and I should be expecting an acceptance letter in the mail by February (fingers crossed!) -during the interview the woman suggested that I get an anatomy book at the practical nursing level, not the registered nursing level, so I can read it over the summer before the program starts and get familiar with some of the terminology. Does anyone know a good book?

I'm looking on amazon and not having too much look with "Anatomy practical nursing" as a search.

And if you can think of

any other books that would be helpful in a little preparation for

things I'll be learning starting in September please let me




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Best advice: Look for a paperback copy of "The Anatomy Coloring Book" Authors: Wynn Kapit and Lawrence M. Elson

About $15.00 at Amazon.com

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I took 2 anatomy classes before beginning my practical nursing program. General anatomy was required before I could apply, and since I plan to go on to the LPN-RN bridge program, I also took Anatomy 1, then after completing the program I took Anatomy 2. I used the same book for all 3 anatomy classes. Holes Human Anatomy & Physiology, 12th edition. I bought it from my school for about $300.


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Holes Human Anatomy & Physiology is my textbook for my pn program

Try finding out what book the program uses.