ANA application question

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So, I am looking at joining ANA/the state chapter as well. Under the dues calculation thing, it gives the options of employed full time, part time, or unemployed. Is this referring to nursing employment or any employment??? Thanks.


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probably nursing employment. Does not matter though, so answer whatever you like.


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They probably want to know so they can chart the demographics of the membership. I think they mean nursing employment for that reason.



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I joined right after I became an RN....I wont be renewing.....

I feel like i got nada in exchange for a LOT of money......

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There should be another question that indicates what area you are working in... this question is just to determine how many hours you work.

I would suggest taking advantage of the 'trifecta' membership if it is available to you... National, State & Local. You can do it via monthly eft - virtually painless & mostly deductible tax-wise. ANA is our professional organization. This is how we make ourselves heard on the national and state levels. Getting involved in your local chapter is the first step. There are a lot of opportunities to volunteer and 'represent' for professional nursing at your local level. We love to welcome the "young ones"!

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If it's to determine how much you owe I think you might be looking at the application for one of their unions, since just joining the ANA outside of one of their unions is the same price regardless of your FTE.