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I have a question for anyone who may have an opinion. Quite a few of you guys probably remember some of my postings about my stepson, who is 17 yrs old. My hubbie and I have been married 5 yrs and dated more than 1 yr before. Hubbie's two sons have been with us full time until recently. Stepson "A" is now 17 and has a very colorful past in the previous 2 yrs or more. He has been to outpt rehab 1 time, and inpt rehab 1 time, picked up by the coroner for a 72 hour hold. He has been arrested numerous times, usually for ETOH/drugs, and assults, on me, his mother, and on and on. For the last 3 yrs he has attended HS, and up he has been in the 9th grade for the last 3 yrs. Got expelled once for drinking, then for drugs, and the last time had to be dropped out due to NEVER going to class. He had approx 50 absences this yr and when he showed up in class, he just sat there and hit on female classmates.

So, he finally got his GED and called my dh this week and said he was going to go to the local vo tech and enroll in nsg school. When I heard that, I said "What???!!" I didn't even think he would be eligible due to his history with the police and ETOH/drugs. I am not sure what our state says as far as whether it wouls be juvenile since he is 17, or if all these would be expunged, or something.

He has an EXPLOSIVE temper, and had many assult charges, from his mom and also me, many kids at school, and even a deputy that was on scene for one of his arrests.

I'm not trying to solicit advice or violate TOS. I think in our state, if you apply for license and have a hx, you usually get placed into the RNP for some amount of time. I just get the feeling that his anger, hostility, assults are still just under the surface - he doesn't stay out of trouble for more tha 2 months at the month.

I guess I am just kind of thinking about the possibility of him getting his license and then abusing one of his patients that can't tell someone about it, or diversion of meds or something.

Any ideas?! I just know his behaviors and temper, and it is no fun to be on the receiving end.

Ane, RNC


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He probably won't get very far, even in the school, so you probably won't be worried about this for very long. Negative expectations, but realistic. His interest in nursing couldn't be fueled by the assumption of easy access to drugs could it?


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He'll never survive nursing school but let him figure that out. Your roll is to be suportive but you are looking way into the future. My daughter also wants to be a nurse. Also has had struggles and also at the age of 20 still doesn't gave her GED. There are millions of nurses out there that are fighting to get into nursing school and nursing school requires you to think of others and humble yourself. If he can't do that it will be quickly identified. IMHO.

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He probably won't get very far, even in the school, so you probably won't be worried about this for very long. Negative expectations, but realistic. His interest in nursing couldn't be fueled by the assumption of easy access to drugs could it?

Oh, yes! That's what I have thought too. I am on a lot of meds after my surgery in June (BP, ect) and 1 time I caught him trying to get into my meds in my bathroom. I'm not sure what he thought he would find in there, though. Thanks!


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My oldest son was a monster, a very intelligent monster during his teen years.

Stop panicking about him choosing nursing school, chances are more than likely that he's all talk and no action.

Count down the days til he turns 18 and you can boot him out of your life.


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If he's under 18 will his records be sealed? I'm not sure how it usually works. But I agree, I got out of nursing school by the skin of my teeth, it was HARD. They will also kick him out for that sort of behavior.


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My daughter also has many issues. I have learned to take any plans she tells me about with a grain of salt. She was going to join the army (not gonna happen with all her psych medications and hospital stays), she was going to try out for American Idol-I would like to see that actually, she was going to be roommates with a girl she met in the hospital-that didn't work out, what a surprise, etc.

I think she is trying out different ideas on me, wants to see my reaction-thankfully I figured out just be supportive and hope for the best. She is going to junior college right now and got an 'A' on her first test. I am proud that she has gotten that far.

I highly doubt your stepson will do anything with nursing, was he just pushing your buttons? You never know.

Good luck,



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Discipline in one area usually results in discipline in another area. If he has turned a corner and earns his way through nursing school, he won't be the same mess he has been by the time he graduates.