An Interesting Conundrum......


OK, I spent many years doing the "fight or flight" reactions in my life and so I have issues with adrenal fatigue. The issue I have, is that when under stress, I think more clearly, more quickly, etc......So even though I would like to do something like ED, I have been looking more towards home health, which I think would be satisfying however; maybe not as satisfying as ED. Plus, I think the hospital environment just might be a problem for me, in regards to keeping my mouth shut when it comes to customer service issues, etc.

Any thoughts, comments, etc?

canesdukegirl, BSN, RN

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Hey Green! Remind me of your background...are you a firefighter? Paramedic? I think you told me a long time ago, but unlike your adrenal fatigue, I have airhead fatigue. Ongoing battle...and I am soooo cluelessly tired most of the time...

I think you would do fine in a hospital setting as long as you don't make jokes about Uzis and how much fun you had designing a new bio-bomb. We need nurses who are assertive and who will be advocates for our patients. You do have to exercise professionalism in the way you address issues that you find questionable, however. While your knee jerk reaction may be to tell someone to leap off the nearest cliff, knowing how much hard work you put into finally getting your license puts an automatic "virtual velcro" on your mouth. You sure as heck don't want to lose your livelihood over a comment. You know that I am preaching to the choir here.

If you are an adrenalin junkie, you may find home health to be a bit slower paced than you are used to, but on the other hand, there are some patients that live in pretty unsafe neighborhoods and your assertiveness may very well serve both you and your patients well.

What makes you interested in HH? Just curious to your mindset.

Good to hear from you!


vampiregirl, BSN, RN

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Canesdukegirl - I chuckled when you inquired if the op was a firefighter or paramedic... that's my background and I have some of same personality traits that the op described. I have just always assumed that my brain was wired backwards:)

Anyways, getting back on topic... I work LTC with these personality traits and get along fine. If your background is in emergency services, time management may initially be a struggle. I'm used to having one or a couple people to care for, not almost 30. The principles of assessment and triage come in very handy though, I just had to figure out HOW to apply them. Not to mention, I'm a handy person on the rare occasion when we do have a critical situation. I'm never bored, there is always something to do. It took me a little while to fit in, but now I can't imagine working in another setting.

martymoose, BSN, RN

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you sound like cath lab material to me :-)- one at a time, plenty of adrenalin,usually sedated pt.



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Think about corrections. Emergencies AND no Press-Gayneys. No families to have to cater to. Always interesting.

canesdukegirl, BSN, RN

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Hey Green-what about the OR? One pt at a time, and assertiveness and Anti-Princess Classes for Surgeons are taught by us nurses. You would fit in JUST FINE!!!