An Eclectic Recovery Thread

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One of the most difficult self examination techniques I am learning, Tweety, is my part in any sort of relationship problem. If someone has done me wrong, it's easy to criticize their actions.

HOWEVER, my involvement and contribution in instigating or adding to the problem is something I need to examine and deal with.

Agree. Often I have a part to play and I've done plenty of people wrong myself. Working through the 12 Steps even if I was dealing with anger at someone it was drilled into me to look at my part in the situation and make amends. Not an easy task.

Luckily today not many people "do me wrong", and I try not to do wrong to others, but still I find myself doing a lot of criticizing of others, mostly in my head, but I do resort to gossip sometimes. Last year I went into therapy at my old age, and with nearly 20 years sobriety.....still a work in progress.


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Today was my second shift on my own off orientation and it was HELL. I had 2 units of PRBCs to hang (and the patient's IV blew halfway through the 2nd unit), plus 2 admissions where the patients had dementia so I couldn't get admission histories on either one (night shift nurse did not like that) and my other 2 patients were L2K, one with dementia who liked to swear at you and yell out HELP all day and the other who spoke loudly due to a TBI, dementia, Bipolar, and Schizophrenia (great combination). His delusions were normally easy enough to ignore until he started yelling that you were going to hell because he was a preacher and god said I was too fat and stupid and needed to die. He also stole anything that wasn't attached to the cart or the desk at the nurse's station but his favorites were pens, food, and white board markers. They need to stop giving me all the L2K and dementia patients at the same time. Only 1 patient out of 6 that didn't need me every 30 seconds. He only called once all day for pain meds.


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Thanks for posting this. I go through these spells on occasion. One thing that helps me is the knowledge that it will pass, and in the meantime, I just try to keep up some daily practice of meditation and occasionally yoga. I also journal, writing out what is going on unrestricted and unfiltered, not judging myself for feeling off or depressed.