An Angel's Gaze

People are rarely born being who they are to become, life experiences change and mold a person and create who they are. My path in life was forever changed the day my son was born and I held heaven in my arms. Nurses Announcements Archive Article

My chariot charges forward with an incommunicable urgency, pushed onward by my attendant. I finally arrive at the anticipated destination. As the quiet buzzer reveals my arrival; the steel doors swing open to allow my chariot to pass. Hushed chaos washes over me like I am a tiny pebble in a huge raging sea. I am overwhelmed and begin to feel panicked. The excitement is gone, replaced by a tremendous horror. I am deathly afraid. I have come to this place to see an angel but the surroundings suggest otherwise.

A glass door is the only thing separating me from what I fear most. I ask my attendant to bring my chariot closer to the door. I lean forward and peer through the slab of glass to try and capture a glimpse of what I have come to see. I am dismayed as there is only a small clear coffin in the middle of the room. I was brought here to see an angel, not a corpse; do they not realize that a mistake has been made? I try to protest but no one hears me. I keep my eyes tightly shut as my attendant pushes the chariot closer to my nightmare.

When I sense that I am close enough to the coffin to reach out and touch it; I slowly pry my eyelids apart. I blinked trying to comprehend the image before my eyes. There an angel lies, bathed in a heavenly blue light bound to the bottom of the casket with innumerable wires. I tentatively reach my hand out and gently caress the cool clear plastic lid of the tiny coffin. As though the angel senses my presence, he moves ever so slightly. I hold my breath not wanting to disrupt the delicate balance that has been achieved.

The lid of the coffin is opened and the tiny angel is freed from his earthly bonds, suspended in mid-air for a fleeting moment, as he is transported from his casket into my waiting arms. The people in the room slowly melt into the background, becoming nothing more than fluttering smudges on the walls around us. The tiny angel opens his eyes and stares deeply into mine, and the room becomes still. The insignificant smudges cease to flutter; seemingly aware that a miracle is about to occur. His brilliant blue eyes are framed in gold and shimmer like two perfect sapphires set into solid alabaster. His gaze is so deep and wizened it takes my breath away and leaves me gasping for air. The angel seems to breathe a sigh of relief as he melts into my arms and binds to my soul. A connection has been forged; one so strong and indestructible that not even death could sever it.

I lean closer to the angel and inspect his beautiful perfection. Hands so tiny they barely reach around my thumb complete with fingernails no bigger than poppy seeds. His tiny face mirrors my own. He has a halo of gleaming gold softer than the finest down fluff. I breathe in deeply; underneath the stench of antiseptic, I can smell his fresh soft scent. His skin is pure and unblemished, a slight touch of rose, colors his pouty lips. I hold him and sway to our own private lullaby until he becomes still in my arms and his magnificent eyes close forever. I close my own eyes and tears stream down my face. An angel's gaze has burned been into my soul forever, and my arms ache for his heavenly presence.

This is why I am who I am and why I am on the life path that I have chosen to pursue.

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Thank you for sharing the story of your precious angel. Mommies and babies are connected forever at the heart... :redbeathe

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That was a beautiful tribute from a mother to her precious son. Thank you for sharing it with us.

How often as nurses do we tread on Holy ground and not realize it.

God keep me each day I am with a patient.


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definately you should publish it!!!! Much love to you


My tears are falling for your loss of your beautiful baby boy. I am so grateful they allowed you to hold him. I know he will stay in your heart forever. You have shown such maturity and love here. Thank you for opening your heart to us.


marywhiterose my deepest condolences. That is so sad, but he had his mommy for those 12 days and that will stay in your heart.