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  1. An Angel's Gaze

    This is why I want to be a nurse :)
  2. An Angel's Gaze

    My chariot charges forward with an incommunicable urgency, pushed onward by my attendant. I finally arrive at the anticipated destination. As the quiet buzzer reveals my arrival; the steel doors swing open to allow my chariot to pass. Hushed chaos wa...
  3. Failure to thrive

    ahh I see, sorry about the confusion lol nope the babe's mom has her family on an healthy diet no processed foods but meat and alt are in the intake, just found it all really strange lol
  4. Failure to thrive

    32 preemie that has been followed by a ped. lost weight stopped walking etc
  5. Failure to thrive

    I am still a student, but I sat in on a consult with a ped dietician the other day for a 1 yr old with failure to thrive, the little one went from 17lbs 12 oz to 17 lbs 1 oz in a short time and has shown no growth for two months, the parents eat no p...
  6. How do you treat headaches?

    I am still a student but I do get migraines very rarely and when they get out of hand ( lasting longer than 12 hours and after barfing) the best thing for me personally is fluids and gravol and if that doesn't work, a little toradol fixes it.
  7. Who numbs for needlesticks?

    Add me to the pansy list lol, I think in some cases it is a good idea (if it looks like you are going to have to dig around) and sometimes there is no point (Huge hose for veins people)
  8. Any ideas on how to detach from your work?

    I am just a student but I have been working in hospice care for three years as a nurses aid, I thought I would have a really hard time with palliative care but, I go to work with the expectation that the people who come through are doors are probably...
  9. Bringing children to camp

    I am wondering if there are many camps that will allow me to bring my own children with me? they will be around the ages of 5-11.